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WHO | Health care for women subjected to intimate partner violence or sexual violence

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WHO - Number of pages: 100 Publication date: November 2014 Languages: English WHO reference number: WHO/RHR/14.26 When providing first-line support to a woman who has been subjected to violence, 4 kinds ...

United Nations adopts resolution condemning unlawful government surveillance

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PrivacyInternational - The United Nations today adopted an important resolution reaffirming the right to privacy in the digital age, condemning unlawful government mass surveillance and calling on member States to review...

Le maréchal al-Sissi en France, François Hollande lui parlera-t-il des droits humains ?

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Amnesty France - Aujourd’hui et demain, François Hollande et Laurent Fabius reçoivent le président égyptien. Les informations parues dans la presse parlent de vente d’armement et de règlement de la situation sécuri...

WHO | International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women and Girls

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WHO - Today, the 25 November 2014, WHO joins organizations and individuals worldwide in observing the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, an annual event to raise awareness a...

Latest action | Take Back The Tech

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APCNews - Here are a few questions to get your interview started: Need shooting tips? Go outside for bright light, hold the phone horizontally and keep the lens clear and phone steady. If you want to string ...

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