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How were fossil tracks made by Early Triassic swimming reptiles so well preserved? -- ScienceDaily


sciencedaily.com - Called fossil "swim tracks," they occur in high numbers in deposits from the Early Triassic, the Triassic being a geologic period (250 to 200 million years ago) that lies between the Permian and Ju...

BBC News - Jurassica dinosaur museum model unveiled

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bbc.co.uk - A scale model of a proposed £80m underground dinosaur-themed museum has been revealed. Jurassica would be built in a semi-subterranean cavern in a 40m (132ft) deep quarry in Portland, Dorset. Set u...

Amazon.co.jp: Dinosaur Roar (Picture Puffins): Paul Stickland, Henrietta Stickland: 洋書

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amazon.co.jp - "The pictures and swingy short verses will make this a good read-aloud even for the very young." --Booklist 語数 60          YL 0.3 いろいろな恐竜が登場していて、さながらミニ図鑑のように... 続きを読む とても簡単な英語です。絵はカラフルで可愛らしいです。息子は喜...

How Dinosaurs Could Help Us Fight Malnutrition

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Bob Guildner

gatesnotes.com - Kids love dinosaurs. When you’re three feet tall and can’t have dinner unless somebody brings you food, the idea of enormous, powerful creatures that have fangs to defend themselves and claws to ca...

Scientists want to bring 24 animals back from extinction (Dodos make the list... but dinosaur DNA is so old, Jurassic Park isn't an option)

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At Least It's A Theory

dailymail.co.uk - Scientists have met to discuss the possibility of bringing back 24 animals back from extinction.  But a real life Jurassic Park is not an option, it is said, because dinosaur DNA is just too old.  ...

Paul Stickland

Author, illustrator, designer. Paul Stickland is the creator of a great many children's picture and pop up books, loads of them about dinosaurs, like Dinosaur Roar and Ten Terrible Dinosaurs, now republished in association with The Natural History Museum in London.

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Dinosaur Hat Gray and Black Crochet Dinosaur Hat by PinkLemonKnits

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Pink Lemon Knits

etsy.com - This dinosaur hat is the perfect winter accessory for any little boy. I made this for my son's birthday and he wears it everywhere! This hat is made with soft gray yarn and features black dinosaur ...

Securenet Systems

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Securenet Systems

streamdb3web.securenetsystems.net - Earn additional revenue from US and international desktop and mobile listeners with video pre-roll, video replacement spots and rich media banner ads. Our Ad Delivery Network provides ads to listen...

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