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SNO - Neutrinos, Dark Matter and the Sun

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dodecahedronbooks.blogspot.com - SNO - Neutrinos, Dark Matter and the Sun We went to a lecture the other day (March 21, 2016) at the University of Alberta, by Dr. Art McDonald of Queen’s University. Dr. MacDonald has been a major ...

Geek Trivia: Scientists Can Reconstruct The Path Lewis and Clark Followed By Searching For?


howtogeek.com - If you were to think of ways to retrace the path the famed Lewis and Clark expedition took across the American landscape in their bold early 19th century quest to be the first Americans to travel t...

How to Shop with Apple Pay on macOS Sierra


howtogeek.com - Apple Pay, once the domain of iPhone and Watch users, has arrived on macOS Sierra. Here’s how to use it. Right now, the number of online merchants accepting Apple Pay is somewhat small, but you can...

How to Search Your Photos for Specific Objects in iOS 10


howtogeek.com - In addition to facial recognition and some other nice features introduced in iOS 10, your Photos app also now lets you search for specific objects–from trees to animals to facial expressions–in you...

How to Use iOS 10’s New and Improved Notifications


howtogeek.com - iOS 10 made quite a few changes to notifications, and how you interact with them. Let’s take some time today to introduce and explore these changes. The most obvious change is the way notifications...

Geek Trivia: The Spire Of The Empire State Building Was Originally Intended For?


howtogeek.com - Radio transmissions? Atmospheric monitoring? Maybe today, but certainly not then. The soaring spire of the majestic Empire State Building wasn’t built for such mundane things as transmitting variet...

How to Quickly Launch a Bash Shell From Windows 10’s File Explorer

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Geek Trivia: In 1960s America, Players In Which Sport Were Radically Better Paid Than Football And Baseball Players?


howtogeek.com - Every year we’re treated to news articles about how much money a promising new baseball rookie will be paid or which country’s GDP the salary of a top earning football player is equal too. Football...

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