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NASA Cassini Titan Moon Photo

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popsugar.com - iPhone cameras are good — but they aren't as good as this. NASA's Cassini spacecraft captured this view as it approached Saturn in early 2011. The GIF is so beautiful that it's bubbled back up to t...

Physicists offer a solution to the puzzle of the origin of matter in the universe -- ScienceDaily

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sciencedaily.com - New research by UCLA physicists, published in the journal Physical Review Letters, offers a possible solution to the mystery of the origin of matter in the universe. Alexander Kusenko, a professor ...

Cassini’s view of Saturn on Feb. 27, 2015 - Observing Space

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Adam Baum

observingspace.com - Cassini captured this image of Saturn on Feb. 27, 2015 using its CB2 and CL2 filters.

Floating towards RS Puppis in fulldome

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spacetelescope.org - RS Puppis encroaches on the viewer in this fulldome clip of the Cepheid variable star. The star's pulsation creates the concentric circles of blue light present in the surrounding gas and dust; an ...

APOD: 2015 February 1 - NGC 4676: When Mice Collide

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Alfonso A.

apod.nasa.gov - Explanation: These two mighty galaxies are pulling each other apart. Known as the "Mice" because they have such long tails, each spiral galaxy has likely already passed through the other. The long ...

Chandra Press Room :: NASA's Chandra Finds Intriguing Member of Black Hole Family Tree :: 25 February 15

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Gene Dillion

chandra.harvard.edu - A newly discovered cosmic object may help provide answers to some long-standing questions about how black holes evolve and influence their surroundings, according to a new study using NASA's Chandr...

sagan|sense (astronomicalwonders: Solar Eruptions - A Coronal...)

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sagansense.tumblr.com - Curiosity continues to be the fuel by which I educate and share the wonders of science with others. Carl provided the spark by which to ignite this passion, propelling me further toward continual e...

Niume | Circle: Space Exploration

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Horacio Araque

niume.com - Space Exploration Humanity's next step is the exploration of space. When you look up into space, you can't help but wonder "What's out there?". It inspires both awe and mystery. Got a view? Any new...

Could the Milky Way Become a Quasar?

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universetoday.com - There’s a supermassive black hole in the center of our Milky Way galaxy. Could this black hole become a Quasar? Previously, we answered the question, “What is a Quasar”. If you haven’t watched that...

Methane-Based Aliens May Exist on Saturn's Moon Titan / Sputnik International

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Marco Bianchi

sputniknews.com - Scientists believe they have come up with a concrete model for a new type of methane-based, oxygen-free life form that could prosper in the harsh, icy conditions of Saturn's mysterious freezing moo...

APOD: 2014 May 10 - Inside the Flame Nebula

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apod.nasa.gov - Explanation: The Flame Nebula stands out in this optical image of the dusty, crowded star forming regions toward Orion's belt, a mere 1,400 light-years away. X-ray data from the Chandra Observatory...

Phys.Org Mobile: Galactic dinosaurs not extinct

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rigoberto duarte

phys.org - Astronomers at Swinburne University of Technology believe they have discovered the answer. "When our Universe was young, there were lots of compact, elliptical-shaped galaxies containing trillions ...

APOD: 2012 July 26 - The Tulip in the Swan

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apod.nasa.gov - Explanation: Framing a bright emission region this telescopic view looks out along the plane of our Milky Way Galaxy toward the nebula rich constellation Cygnus the Swan. Popularly called the Tulip...

Saturn's Titan ---"Life Not As We Know It"

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dailygalaxy.com - Lunine is an expert on Saturn's moons and an interdisciplinary scientist on the Cassini-Huygens mission that discovered methane-ethane seas on Titan. Intrigued by the possibilities of methane-based...

Chandra :: Photo Album :: SN 1957D in M83 :: July 30, 2012

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Spacemama Maya Ω

chandra.si.edu - Over fifty years ago, a supernova was discovered in M83, a spiral galaxy about 15 million light years from Earth. Astronomers have used NASA's Chandra X-ray Observatory to make the first detection ...

APOD: 2008 January 4 - The Milky Way at 5000 Meters

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apod.nasa.gov - Explanation: Climb up to 5000 meters (16,500 feet) above sea level, near Cerro Chajnantor in the northern Chilean Andes, and your night sky could encompass this cosmic vista. Recorded from that hig...

The Hubble spotted this smiley face in space - The Washington Post

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Arabella Sheen

washingtonpost.com - In the centre of this image, taken with the NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope, is the galaxy cluster SDSS J1038+4849 — and it seems to be smiling. (NASA & ESA, acknowledgement to Judy Schmidt) Pictur...

Hubble Spots A Celestial Bauble Snr-0509-titled by David Lawrence - Hubble Spots A Celestial Bauble Snr-0509-titled Photograph - Hubble Spots A Celestial Bauble Snr-0509-titled Fine Art Prints and Posters for Sale

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Myhaver Photography

fineartamerica.com - This delicate shell, photographed by the NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope, appears to float serenely in the depths of space, but this apparent calm hides an inner turmoil. The gaseous envelope forme...

First images of the world's largest airplane

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sploid.gizmodo.com - Holy crap, it's real! Behold the first glimpse of Paul Allen's crazy space venture: The largest airplane in history, a 385-foot (117-meter) wingspan beast designed to carry and launch a giant rocke...

Green Vision : Tombstone Mountains, Yukon Territory : Marc Adamus Photography

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marcadamus.com - All of my images are printed on the best archival ink papers, using some of the best printing systems available. Every print is individually signed by me on a white border below the print, or on th...

Russia's Space Program Struggles to Innovate as Industry Reform Looms | News

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themoscowtimes.com - Russia's space industry, despite an imminent government shake up that will force firms to justify their budgets, is struggling to come up with new plans as engineers cling to designs from their Sov...

Phys.Org Mobile: Life 'not as we know it' possible on Saturn's moon Titan

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Holly Ann Young

phys.org - Taking a simultaneously imaginative and rigidly scientific view, chemical engineers and astronomers offer a template for life that could thrive in a harsh, cold world - specifically Titan, the gian...

Print on metal by Norman Duenas

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displate.com - Gallery quality print on thick 45cm / 32cm metal plate. Each Displate print verified by the Production Master. Signature, unique series number and hologram added to the back of each plate for added...

A New Calculation Predicts Hundreds Of Billions Of Earth-Like Planets

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Mike Sankowski

io9.com - Using a 200 year-old statistical technique, a team of Australian astronomers have concluded that virtually every star in the Milky Way hosts at least one to two terrestrial planets capable of foste...

APOD: 2009 March 7 - Comet Lulin and Distant Galaxies

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apod.nasa.gov - Explanation: Now fading in our night sky, Comet Lulin has provided some lovely cosmic vistas. Moving rapidly against the background of stars, Lulin briefly posed with the likes of Saturn, and Regul...

See Taurus the Bull Chased by 'Bees' in the Winter Sky

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Salgado Hugo

space.com - If you look to the sky this week in the Northern Hemisphere, you may see a hunter and a raging bull charging toward him, surrounded by bees. Gaze skyward this week on a clear night and face south a...

APOD: 2015 March 1 - Inside the Coma Cluster of Galaxies

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apod.nasa.gov - Explanation: Almost every object in the above photograph is a galaxy. The Coma Cluster of Galaxies pictured above is one of the densest clusters known - it contains thousands of galaxies. Each of t...

JPL | News | NASA Briefing to Discuss First Spacecraft Arrival at a Dwarf Planet

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Bob Guildner

jpl.nasa.gov - NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory will host a briefing at 9 a.m. PST (noon EST) Monday, March 2, to discuss the March 6 arrival of the agency's Dawn spacecraft at the dwarf planet Ceres. The news br...

Niume | Posts

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Horacio Araque

niume.com - ‘Alien’ radio signal captured by dishes for first time A mystery radio signal from space has been captured ‘live’ for the first time by radio dishes here on Earth, but the source is still unknown. ...

Blue-Collar Astronaut - Physics Based Hand Drawn Satire by Mutated Software — Kickstarter

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Sooraj Suresh

kickstarter.com - UPDATE: Blue-Collar Astronaut will also be coming to the OUYA!!! That means the $15 tier and beyond also includes an OUYA option!  Blue-Collar Astronaut is a physics based space flight experience w...

4 things NASA can teach you about a good night's sleep

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Travel #4charity

theweek.comtheweek.com - They have to. Their bodies are cut off from many of the normal external cues that remind us what time it is. In orbit they can experience a dozen sunrises and sunsets a day which makes their circad...

Cluster Filled with Dark Matter May House 'Failed Galaxies'

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space.com - A strange set of 48 galaxies appears to be rich in dark matter and lacking in stars, suggesting that they may be so-called "failed" galaxies, a new study reports. The galaxies in question are part ...

Astronauts Add Antennas, Cables to Space Station in 3rd Spacewalk

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MaryLola Gouge

collectspace.com - The International Space Station is now three steps – or rather spacewalks – closer to being ready for the arrival of new U.S. commercial crewed spacecraft with the successful completion of a two-as...

Winds of Supermassive Black Holes Can Shape Galaxy-Wide Star Formation

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Ursula Rodríguez

universetoday.com - The combined observations from two generations of X-Ray space telescopes have now revealed a more complete picture of the nature of high-speed winds expelled from super-massive black holes. Scienti...

Curiosity's New Selfie Awash With Epic Mars Science : Discovery News

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✨The Solar System✨

news.discovery.com - In a spectacular new Mars “selfie,” rover Curiosity stands proud on the bedrock at the base of Mount Sharp at its “Mojave” work site in an area nicknamed “Pahrump Hills.” The self portrait, assembl...

Does the Sun Have a Heart of Dark Matter?

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motherboard.vice.com - "There's probably a zoo of different possible particles that would give this interaction, but it's not clear yet whether any of those would really work when you work out the details," Aaron Vincent...

National Optical Astronomy Observatory: Sh2-68

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Rev Todd Scheve

noao.edu - This image was obtained with the wide-field view of the Mosaic camera on the Mayall 4-meter telescope at Kitt Peak National Observatory. Sh2-68 is an ancient planetary nebula that is estimated to b...


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science.slashdot.jp - 太陽120億個分の質量を持つ、超巨大ブラックホールが発見された。このサイズのブラックホール自体は珍しいものではないそうだが、ビッグバンからわずか8億7500万年でこのサイズに成長したと推定されており、この成長速度は従来の初期宇宙理論では説明できないという(ナショナル ジオグラフィックス)。 このブラックホールが高速に成長した理由として、「生まれてからほぼ最高速度でガスの融合を続けてきた」「初...

Falling Stars: War of Empires by Philip Devine — Kickstarter

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kickstarter.com - Falling Stars: War of Empires is a turn-based strategy game where players vie for control of the galaxy through politics, space warfare, exploration, and more. Falling Stars: War of Empires contain...

Dawn spacecraft entering orbit around Ceres › News in Science (ABC Science)

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abc.net.au - Asteroid mission NASA's Dawn spacecraft is set to begin orbiting the dwarf planet Ceres -- the largest body in the Main Asteroid Belt between Mars and Jupiter -- at the end of this week. It marks t...

Big Bang, Deflated? Universe May Have Had No Beginning - Yahoo News

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Vishaal Bhat

news.yahoo.com - If a new theory turns out to be true, the universe may not have started with a bang. In the new formulation, the universe was never a singularity, or an infinitely small and infinitely dense point ...

Gassy Crab: Spectacular image of a supernova.

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✨The Solar System✨

slate.com - Argon is a noble gas. The atoms of argon are configured in a way that it’s (in general) chemically inert; it won’t combine with other elements like carbon or oxygen do. Seeing it forming molecules ...

Crownless in Space by grouchywolfpup - Featured on Zang Media

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Zang Media

zangmedia.com - #DigitalArt - Crownless in Space by grouchywolfpup deer, digital art, digital paint, digital painting, illustration, space , Recent Posts #DigitalArt - art by Taega First T-Shirt for sale over at p...

Black hole wind: How a black hole shapes a galaxy.

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✨The Solar System✨

slate.com - The obvious way is through this wind, this cosmic hurricane of particles blasting outward from it at high fractions of the speed of light. Studying that wind is maddeningly difficult, though. For e...

APOD: 2014 April 13 - Saturn in Blue and Gold

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Elizabeth Madsen

apod.nasa.gov - Explanation: Why is Saturn partly blue? The above picture of Saturn approximates what a human would see if hovering close to the giant ringed world. The above picture was taken in 2006 March by the...

Show Us Your Car!: #cars

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iqboom.com - Did you know you can donate your vehicle to charity? Find out how easy it is.

An Astronaut Salutes Spock from Space « Nerdist

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Space Trends

space.trendolizer.com - An Astronaut Salutes Spock from Space « Nerdist Share it: For many of us, Star Trek wasn’t just a show. Star Trek was tolerance and intelligence and morality and science and exploration. Take a pol...

Star Quadruplets Spied Growing Inside Stellar Womb : Discovery News

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✨The Solar System✨

news.discovery.com - New observations of a star-forming nebula have revealed four stellar embryos, providing clues as to how multiple star systems evolve. The majority of stars in our galaxy come in pairs, triplets or ...

Orion Trail by Schell Games — Kickstarter

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kickstarter.com - Orion Trail’s gameplay centers around making the tough calls that only you, a starship captain, can make. The galaxy is full of strange, stupid, and terrifying things, and you’ll need to make the d...

Soviet & Russian Spacesuits - Album on Imgur

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Phil Naranjo

imgur.com - Leonov exited the spacecraft through an inflatable airlock. While outside, Leonov's spacesuit ballooned in the vacuum of space, greatly restricting his movements. Over the next several minutes, Leo...

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