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Would you carry a child for your best friend?

Shared by Stephen Page - To an outsider, it looked as if Kylie and Amee laughed a lot, teased each other, drank a lot of wine. But beyond that lay fierce loyalty, protectiveness and moments of intense vulnerability. In tho...

Australia 'leading exporter' of paedophiles seeking surrogate children

Shared by Stephen Page - But Mr Page said he believed the true figure may be far higher, and many parents returning to Australia may simply not tell authorities their new baby had been carried by a surrogate. While regulat...

60 Minutes are 'soul searching' after 'failures' of botched abduction

Shared by Ross Bowler - Nine Network's 60 Minutes is doing 'some soul searching' and has admitted to making mistakes in the botched child abduction of Sally Faulkner's children which left her and a television crew in Leba...

Backlash for Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull after promoting negative gearing with couple who bought home for their one-year-old baby

Shared by Ross Bowler - Yahoo7 and AAP - Yahoo7 News on April 26, 2016, 4:15 pm Video Federal government rules out any changes to negative gearing The story of an every-day Australian family purchasing a home for their on...

Labor refers Sophie Mirabella's claims to auditor general over $10m ‘political retribution’

Shared by Ross Bowler - Labor has asked the auditor general to investigate Sophie Mirabella’s claims her former electorate did not receive $10m in hospital funding because it voted her out, arguing it smacks of “political...

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Winners and losers may yet change in child-abduction case in Lebanon

Shared by Stephen Page - Beirut: The Mediterranean from Jiyeh beach is flat to the horizon this time of year. But it's from this stretch of water that Ali Elamine runs a surf instructing school. A few hundred metres up the...

The Libs won't ever vote me back in: Abbott

Shared by Ross Bowler - Former prime minister Tony Abbott doesn't expect the Liberal Party to ever reverse its decision to vote him out of the top job. However, he believes what he achieved during his two-year prime minis...

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60 Minutes 'kidnap' plot accused heartbroken he's missing son's b'day

Shared by Ross Bowler - The man at the centre of the 60 Minutes child snatch operation will be 'heartbroken' to miss his five-year-old son's birthday behind bars in a Lebanese jail this week, his weeping mother says.  Ada...

Baby 'Gammy' and International Surrogacy Agreements - Farrar Gesini Dunn - A recent decision of the Family Court of Western Australia has re-ignited the debate about international surrogacy agreements. Usually Family Court judgments are anonymised and cannot be reported o...

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Human Rights Commission president Gillian Triggs speaks out

Shared by Ross Bowler - When Gillian Triggs began her five-year term as president of the Australian Human Rights Commission in 2012 she aimed to bring our domestic laws into line with our international treaty obligations....

Power of Attorney Solicitors Sydney, NSW | POA Surry Hills - In modern times, managing someone else's finances can be difficult. It may mean getting internet account passwords, dealing with internet banking, mortgages, investment portfolios, tax, and many ot...

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Negative gearing simply a form of ‘tax avoidance’ | The New Daily

Shared by Ross Bowler - In a recent interview with the ABC’s Leigh Sales, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull defended negative gearing as “income tax 101”, by which he went on to explain as  “a fundamental principle of tax l...

NSW domestic violence data shows rise in cases

Shared by Stephen Page - New crime data shows domestic violence offences are on the rise in several parts of New South Wales. Domestic violence has been on the national radar for several years, rising to prominence with th...

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Carlsbad company has ties to Thailand

Shared by Stephen Page - CARLSBAD — Strolling down the lively streets of Bangkok, Thailand, Liz Evans soaked up the lavish shrines and temples with her 7-year-old daughter, Alivia, by her side. Despite the beauty around Ev...

Woman stabs cyclist, 70, in dispute over phone

Shared by Ross Bowler

RBA Banknotes: Deliberate Damage

Shared by Ross Bowler

'The torture is real': Asia's 'sexiest' DJ says she is struggling in US prison without nail polish, mirror and Louboutins

Shared by Ross Bowler
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More than half Australian infants have risk factors for adult mental illness

Shared by Stephen Page - More than half of Australian infants have multiple risk factors for developing a mental illness by the time they are adults, a much higher amount than is currently recognised, a study from the Univ...

What You Need to Know About Artificial Insemination for Pregnancy

Shared by Stephen Page

Oh, So That's Why You Never Sleep Well During a One-Night Stand

Shared by Ross Bowler
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