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Why Court sucks and how to avoid it - Farrar Gesini Dunn - With the greatest of respect to the honourable Judges of the Family Court and Federal Circuit Court, for almost everyone, going to Court for your family law matter is not a great experience. Cost, ...

This man spent $300K to become a single dad

Shared by Stephen Page - More than 1 million men are raising children on their own in America, according to the Williams Institute — and many are doing it by choice. Here, The Post’s Jane Ridley meets Dr. Conrad Cean, a 44...

Nationals could help Hanson put Family Court back in the spotlight

Shared by Ross Bowler - Pauline Hanson's success at the federal election could put the Family Court back in the spotlight, with some Nationals believing her push to abolish it has struck a chord with angry dads battling c...

Australian Divorce Blog: Pauline Hanson's family law policy

Shared by Stephen Page - I have set out below Pauline Hanson's family law policies. It seems a policy written by men who are bitter about their divorce experience- for men bitter about their divorce experience. One of the ...

Australian Divorce Blog: The 8 steps to write up a balance sheet

Shared by Stephen Page - One of the things that I learnt from 30+ years of helping clients with property settlements (20 of which as an accredited family law specialist) is that working out the property pool is one of the ...

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Property and finances after separation - Family Court of Australia - When people separate, they usually need to sort out how to divide their assets (property) and debts. There are various ways this can be done: The Family Court and the Federal Circuit Court can make...

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60 Minutes producer Rebecca Le Tourneau arrested for drink driving

Shared by Ross Bowler - 60 Minutes producer Rebecca Le Tourneau failed to appear in court on Tuesday after she was arrested for drink-driving in an unregistered car whilst in Sydney's Glebe. The 52-year-old former present...

Hair heist: Client receives $750 worth of hair treatments then leaves without paying

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Judge rules against excessive tuition costs in divorce settlement

Shared by Ross Bowler - Two teenagers whose mother said she needed £60,000 a year to cover the cost of out-of-school tutors do not have enough time in their lives to enjoy being children, a High Court judge has suggested....

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