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New suits filed over sperm donor who claimed to be a neuroscientist, but wasn't

Shared by Stephen Page - Home Daily News New suits filed over sperm donor who claimed… At least two new lawsuits have filed against a Georgia-based sperm bank by families who thought they were using a sperm donor who was a...

Parakeelia: The inner workings of the Liberals’ funding rort

Shared by Ross Bowler - Tracing the money Public funding debacle An end to big donations? Disendorsed Jensen calls out Parakeelia Liberals’ defence In 2005, Ron Walker was appointed chairman of the Fairfax board. At the t...

'Fake tradie' reveals how he was discovered for Liberal Party ad

Shared by Ross Bowler - The 'fake tradie' in the middle of a social media storm after appearing in a Liberal Party campaign ad says he was cast for the role after doing some hands-on work for the agency behind it. Andrew ...

Study says IVF does not increase cancer risk

Shared by Stephen Page - Women getting fertility treatments can be reassured that in vitro fertilization (IVF) does not increase their risk of breast and gynecological cancers, according to a US study of Israeli women. "Th...

Chiropractor admits posting abusive online messages to Nova Peris

Shared by Stephen Page - A 64-year-old man from the New South Wales central coast has pleaded guilty to posting racist and offensive online messages to the outgoing Labor senator Nova Peris. Chris Nelson, a chiropractor, p...

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Pledge to reform Family Court empty rhetoric without funding: Chief Justice - Pledges to reform the handling of domestic violence cases are just empty political rhetoric without any funding to back it up, the Chief Justice of the Family Court says. Diana Bryant was present a...

Labor preferences Bob Katter and Family First above gay Coalition candidate

Shared by Ross Bowler - Bob Katter infamously quipped that he would walk backwards from Bourke if there were any gay people in his north Queensland electorate of Kennedy. 'I don't read the newspapers': Federal Queensland ...

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Oliver Curtis' father Nick pleads for his son not to go to jail

Shared by Ross Bowler - Oliver Curtis' father has pleaded for his son not to go to prison, saying years of pressure has had a 'marked psychological effect' and also led the younger Curtis to become 'more private and withd...

Former bikini model personal file accessed by officers over 1400 times

Shared by Ross Bowler - Former bikini model Renee Eaves was shocked to discover police officers had accessed her file more than 1400 times after she was found guilty of 'few traffic offences'.  Ms Evans, now a social just...

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Interview: Opposition Leader Bill Shorten

Shared by Michael Tiyce - Australian Broadcasting Corporation Opposition Leader Bill Shorten is continuing to warn the Government plans to privatise Medicare, countering accusations of a scare campaign by claiming the Coali...

Axe falls hard as audit recommends gutting Medicare, cutting pensions

Shared by Ross Bowler - Treasurer Joe Hockey says structural reform must happen for Australia to maintain its quality of life. Nine News. Ordinary Australians would pay a $15 upfront fee to visit a doctor and medium- to h...

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How Jennie Gray's 'irrational devotion' to Ben Butler led to cover-up

Shared by Ross Bowler - Jennie Gray was so besotted with her murderous partner that she put him before everything else, including the safety of her six-year-old child. Gray was so 'misguidedly committed' to her partner th...

The way to file for a Divorce is changing... - Farrar Gesini Dunn - As is the case for many service providers these days, the use of technology is constantly improving the way that we do business. The Court too is trying to move what it can online. The Federal Circ...

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Feeling Manipulated by Suicide Threats?

Shared by Ross Bowler - “You don’t really care if I live or die. Why don’t I just kill myself–then everyone will be happy.” “If you loved me, you would do what I tell you.” If you are on the receiving end of threats like ...

BioEdge: Chinese clinics advertise for sperm donors

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Take Me To The Rhythm: Consequences of Making a Suicide Threat

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Do women who donate their eggs run a health risk?

Shared by Stephen Page - Maggie Eastman considers it the worst decision she ever made. In 2003, beset by $30,000 in tuition debt and imbued with a burst of altruism, Eastman, a college senior, decided to donate her eggs to...

Master of Ethics and Legal Studies (with specialisations) - Charles Sturt University

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Whose votes will really decide the winner on July 2?

Shared by Ross Bowler - In Australia, all votes are created equal but some are worth more than others. This is the population of Australia. Just because you live here doesn't give you the right to vote. The two biggest re...

ABC News Federal Election 2016 coverage

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