Die #ocwl11 Wochenzeitung


Learning At Work

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scoop.it - Meeting our Future Skills Requirements

WLS FREE Training & Other Resources

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workplace-learning-solutions.com - This video discusses some of the basic elements of writing a great résumé.   Specifically it discusses how your résumé should look, what it should sound like in terms of language and what it says a...

7 Steps to Improving Nonverbal Communication - AMA Playbook

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playbook.amanet.org - Businesspeople learn early in their careers the importance of a firm handshake and making eye contact when meeting other businesspeople for the first time. Both the handshake and eye contact are ex...

Post-Graduate Blues Bumming You Out? Learn 4 Ways to Cope - Social-Hire

social-hire.com - Being a college student is one of the best experiences in a young adult’s life. Because while in college you're surrounded by friends who share your goals for success, and your passion for life and...

KMedu Hub

Find and promote Knowledge Management education & training worldwide | Mod.: Boris Jaeger (@borisj, @jaegerWM) | hashtag: #KMedu

Editor's note

Tagesaktuelles zum Thema des Open Courses Workplace Learning 2011 (#ocwl11) auf twitter & Co. | Zusammen- und zur Verfügung gestellt vom KMedu Hub
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