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Workplace Learning: The Individual’s Perspective

c4lpt.co.uk - A few weeks ago I published a series of posts that looked at how we learn at work and how to support these different ways of learning. This was a very L&D-centric view of workplace learning, with t...

50+ people who tweet about workplace learning

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c4lpt.co.uk - Here is Jane Hart’s pick of 50+ people to follow who tweet about workplace learning – from different perspectives RANKED IN ORDER OF THEIR FOLLOWER COUNT Last updated: March 12, 2016 at 8:42 am 33....

The eLearning Guild : Harnessing the Mobile Storm: The Power and Potential of Mobile Learning by Conrad Gottfredson and Geoff Stead, with Bob Mosher, Martin Good, and Videhi Bhamidi : Publications Library

elearningguild.com - Mobile is the most effective medium for bringing relevant learning and performance support to the greatest number of learners when they need it most, wherever they are, in the form that best meets ...

Learn to Lead: Mapping Workplace Learning of School Leaders

link.springer.com - Two main research questions guided this study: 1) what learning activities in the workplace do school leaders in secondary education value most, and 2) what are work-related questions, facilitating...

What’s it like using FutureLearn as a team? We ask ustwo. - FutureLearn

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about.futurelearn.com - In the first of two blog posts, Alex Hamdy, B2B marketing manager, meets ustwo, a global digital product studio, and finds out how their London team did a FutureLearn course using blended learning....

KMedu Hub

Find and promote Knowledge Management education & training worldwide | Mod.: Boris Jaeger (@borisj, @jaegerWM) | hashtag: #KMedu

Editor's note

Tagesaktuelles zum Thema des Open Courses Workplace Learning 2011 (#ocwl11) auf twitter & Co. | Zusammen- und zur Verfügung gestellt vom KMedu Hub

4 methods that are changing workplace learning

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londonstrategyunit.com - In the marketing departments of big companies, more and more learning is done online. The question is, once training has moved from classroom to computer, how do organisations balance the trade off...

Journal of Workplace Learning Employee engagement and autoethnography: being and studying self Article information

academia.edu - Journal of Workplace Learning Employee engagement and aut oet hnography: being and st udying self Sally Anne Sambrook Natalie Jones Clair Doloriert Article information: To cite this document: Sally...

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Want Millennials to Stay? Invest in Corporate Learning.

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huffingtonpost.com - With this year's college graduation ceremonies on the near horizon, employers are once again tuning in to how best to attract and retain the new workforce generation. Guy Berger, PhD, Economist at ...

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To Inspire Someone Is To Make Him Think, Not Feel Good

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asksonnie.info - The world of public speaking is almost like an entertainment industry. At the end of the day, the audience who spent moolah to hear you, must go home satisfied. Otherwise, there will be no repeat b...

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Learning as an Employee Engagement Tool by Josh Bersin - Fuse

fuseuniversal.com - Here at Fuse Universal, we like to disrupt the workplace learning sector, driving the latest advances in learning technology and solutions. But we also keep in close contact with the industry thoug...

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transforminglibraries.wordpress.com - The Satellite Conference will start at 8 am with the registration on Wednesday, August 10th followed by the professional programme. The sessions will run also all day on Thursday, August 11th and w...

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