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Redefining Workplace Learning For The 21st Century

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Nicholas Chase

loyalty360.org - Disruptive technologies and shifting demographics are redefining the workforce. In response, smart companies are reinventing workplace learning in an effort to make their programs more relevant and...

Towards Maturity - Campaign for learning, helping your staff to release their potential through learning

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Kevin Love

towardsmaturity.org - New technologies, communities and tools mean that staff in the workplace are surrounded by more learning opportunities than ever before. How are your staff harnessing those opportunities to help th...

Time to Get Real About Workplace Learning!

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KK / kathleen kruse

blog.centralknowledge.com - (Originally published on ASTD Links March 4th, 2014 http://bit.ly/1gIJFJL) After circulating the conference circuit in the past few months, we’ve been dismayed to see that many learning professiona...

             Building a Learning Culture by...

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Sunder Ramachandran

sundertrg.tumblr.com -              Building a Learning Culture by #WorkingOutLoud There is broad based consensus amongst the L&D community that encouraging employees to ‘work out loud’ is amongst the most important ingr...

MOOCs, Flipped Classrooms – the last gasp of old corporate training? « Learning in the Social Workplace

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Debbie Morrison

c4lpt.co.uk - It’s a hardhitting headline – and one that I copied from a recent post I found on THE Journal – Personalized Learning, Flipped Classrooms, Video Watching: Last Gasps of the Old Education, In that a...

BMC Health Services Research | Full text | The New South Wales Allied Health Workplace Learning Study: barriers and enablers to learning in the workplace

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Equity & Health

biomedcentral.com - Workplace learning refers to continuing professional development that is stimulated by and occurs through participation in workplace activities. Workplace learning is essential for staff developmen...

A model of workplace learning

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Joseph Press

internettime.com - My colleagues at Internet Time Alliance and I have been discussing new models for learning. Not that I am giving up on this one: Experience is still a more important teacher in the workplace than c...

Why You Should Care About M-Learning

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Philip Johnson

learndash.com - Mobile learning is becoming increasingly popular in the workplace. There are a variety of reasons for this, but many have to do with the accessibility of mobile devices, the savings associated with...

Why Learning is Complicated

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Christine Kreger

learnstreaming.com - I’m continuing the discussion between Brent Schlenker and Jane Hart who both have interesting perspectives on people unwilling to learn in a corporate environment.  As Brett says, “it’s more compli...

ID and Other Reflections: 3 Benefits of MOOCs in the Workplace

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idreflections.blogspot.com - I believe MOOCs, especially when referred to in the context of the workplace, are increasingly going to become a catch-all term for any online, large scale, learning intervention at the workplace. ...

2013 Workplace Learning Climate Survey for North Dakota

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Lindsie Schoenack

ndstate.co1.qualtrics.com - If you have any questions regarding this survey, please contact Lindsie Schoenack, Co-Investigator at (701) 527-4790 / lindsie.schoenack@my.ndsu.edu or Dr. Claudette Peterson, Principle Investigato...

Teaching Tech Promotes Workplace Learning Skills - Instructional Tech Talk

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Kristy Vaughn

instructionaltechtalk.com - There is no question that there are barriers to teaching new tech tools in addition to teaching your content. Namely, having the time to teach both is the biggest issue. But at what point does the ...

Upcoming Events

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Andrew Gerkens

elnet.com.au - Organisational learning is shifting to find that sweet spot between individual capability and broader organisational learning objectives.  Digital content and communication advances in concert with...

The Non-Training Approach to Workplace Learning

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interactyx.com - Training Departments have an opportunity to advance their training efforts be taking a non-training approach.  Sound counter-intuitive?  It’s not, thanks to available and easy-to-use technology tha...

Biden announces new consoritum to promote apprenticeships as pathway to college degree

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College Unbound

insidehighered.com - WASHINGTON -- The Obama administration on Monday formally launched a new consortium of colleges, employers and unions that is aimed at making it easier for students to turn their apprenticeship exp...

ID and Other Reflections: MOOCs, Workplace Learning and "Heutagogy"

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idreflections.blogspot.com - The other way to approach MOOCs—and this is how I approach them—is as a series of connected, curated and aggregated micro-learning modules (mostly videos as of now) surrounded or supported by socia...

Learning At Work

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Creative Learning

scoop.it - Meeting our Future Skills Requirements

Upcoming Events

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Matthew Guyan

elnet.com.au - Cliftons  Level 13, 60 Margaret Street Sydney NSW 2000 Organisational learning is shifting to find that sweet spot between individual capability and broader organisational learning objectives.  Dig...

The Future Of Workplace Learning is Mobile Learning Infographic

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Marc Alen

elearninginfographics.com - The Future Of Workplace Learning is Mobile Learning Infographic explains how the increasing sales of mobile devices, the whooping growth in the mobile share of web traffic, the growing adoption of ...

The CEO will be the next CLO

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jarche.com - Chief Learning Officers will be the next CEO’s say John Hagel and John Seely Brown, in this short video from Deloitte. I disagree, because I do not see business leadership coming from Organizationa...

Annual Conference | Hudson-Mohawk Chapter

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Peter Perrone

hudsonmohawkastd.org - John Robinson, who was born without full legs and arms, will speak on “Overcoming Obstacles in Life.” Less than four feet in height, Robinson has the ability to make people feel 10 feet tall. “I ho...

Is It Time For a Vacation From LMS Complexity?

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expertusone.wordpress.com - By Caleb Johnson, Director of Strategic Accounts, Expertus “A vacation is what you take when you can no longer take what you’ve been taking.” -Earl Jones Are you struggling with information overloa...

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