Die #ocwl11 Wochenzeitung

Workplace Learning Pioneer Paul Sparta on Creating Agile Companies - Workday Blog

blogs.workday.com - Paul Sparta, founder and former CEO of Plateau Systems—a longtime market leader of learning management systems—sat down with us a year ago to discuss the future of workplace learning. Now, after in...

Celebrating the best in workplace learning technology - Training Press Releases

trainingpressreleases.com - The learning technology industry’s annual awards take place in London this week. The event includes awards presentations in eighteen different categories and will be witnessed by over 800 industry ...

Track everything: VR, data, and the workplace learning revolution

blog.immerselearning.com - In the sporting world, data-driven tracking has revolutionised individual performance, giving coaches the ability to monitor their athlete’s performance at a micro level. Distance, speed, physiolog...

Curated Insights: Why aren’t we talking about adaptive learning? - Axonify

Shared by Axonify Inc.

axonify.com - Last week, the eLearning Guild’s annual DevLearn event brought the L&D community together to showcase the many ways we are using technology to improve how we support workplace performance. As expec...

3 Big Myths About Workplace Learning

Shared by Degreed

blog.degreed.com - According to Brandon Hall Group, 61% of corporate learning and development (L&D) leaders think workers should connect with learning resources at least once-a-week to be effective in their jobs. Yet...

KMedu Hub

Find and promote Knowledge Management education & training worldwide | Mod.: Boris Jaeger (@borisj, @jaegerWM) | hashtag: #KMedu

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Tagesaktuelles zum Thema des Open Courses Workplace Learning 2011 (#ocwl11) auf twitter & Co. | Zusammen- und zur Verfügung gestellt vom KMedu Hub

Where are retailers going wrong with workplace learning?

spongeuk.com - A new report is giving fresh insight into workplace learning in the retail sector. You may find it challenges your assumptions about training in retail. We’ve picked out some key facts that shed li...

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Why micro-learning works for me

Shared by GoodPractice

clive-shepherd.blogspot.com - Over the past twelve months, micro-learning has quietly worked itself into my daily routine. Absolutely every day (I’m on a 360-day streak), I practise my French using the Duolingo app. Not quite s...

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Using leaderboards in workplace learning

spongeuk.com - Several of our recent projects have successfully incorporated leaderboards to engage teams, not just with the activity in front of them, but with a wider sense of connection and reward across the c...

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Talking tech: What's next for VR and VR learning?

blog.immerselearning.com - While Virtual Reality broke through to wider consciousness in 2016, today we’re only just beginning to understand the full potential for the technology. In this blog, we’ve gone back to the future ...

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