Die #ocwl11 Wochenzeitung

9 ways to improve workplace learning

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jarche.com - Training, and education, are often solutions looking for a problem. But good training and education can have a huge impact on behaviour and performance. Remember that great teacher who inspired you...

How design thinking can save workplace learning

sproutlabs.com.au - The core problem I see with workplace learning is that we are not developing new approaches. The nature of the problems we're trying to solve in workplaces is changing. They are becoming more compl...

Why Students Don’t Like Active Learning « Annie Murphy Paul

anniemurphypaul.com - On Tuesday, I attended a presentation on active learning given by Brian White, associate professor of biology and science education, University of Massachusetts-Boston. (This post is one of a serie...

Workplace Learning in a World “Beyond Automation” Post navigation

sahanac.com - I just finished reading an HBR article by Thomas Davenport and Julia Kirby called Beyond Automation, which is the trigger for this post. With automation, AI and robots looming over the job scene, t...

Workplace Learning Falls Short of Its Potential

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cmswire.com - Walk down any city block, and chances are high you’ll see at least one person looking down at their phone. In fact, it’s a certainty. Technology has changed how we live, how we learn, and how we ga...

KMedu Hub

Find and promote Knowledge Management education & training worldwide | Mod.: Boris Jaeger (@borisj, @jaegerWM) | hashtag: #KMedu

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Tagesaktuelles zum Thema des Open Courses Workplace Learning 2011 (#ocwl11) auf twitter & Co. | Zusammen- und zur Verfügung gestellt vom KMedu Hub

Jane’s Top 10 Tools for Learning 2016

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c4lpt.co.uk - On Friday 23rd September, voting closes in the 10th Annual Survey of Learning Tool  – so it’s not too late to vote! You can find out how to do so HERE – essentially it involves sharing your own Top...

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5 Truths You Can't Change About Learning in the Workplace - Fistful of Talent

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fistfuloftalent.com - Let’s be honest – a lot of organizations (most, in fact) play lip service to the concept of learning and development.  We say it’s important, but our spend per employee is a fraction of what’s repo...

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Success Stories

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mentoring-works.com - Scroll down to see a few of the mentoring success stories to which Mentoring Works has contributed: Over ten years, this program in a NSW Government Agency, assisted close to a thousand young profe...

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Stop Taking Employees Back to School

Shared by Erika Paez V

clomedia.com - We’re tracking a trend in the learning and development field — a shift away from modeling our efforts after the images from school. But I say, “Let’s stop taking our employees back to school.” And ...

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