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Breaking news on Ebola outbreak 2014 -

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Breaking News - Ebola outbreak 2014 Oct 29, 2014, 06:03 PM GMT (18:03) Currently 42 US soldiers in quarantine at a complex in Vicenza, Italy - @NBCNews Ebola outbreak 2014 Oct 29, 2014, 05:56 PM GMT (17:56) Austin...

Google Releases Its New ‘Stars’ Bookmark Manager for Chrome

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The Next Web - After multiple leaks over the past few months, Google’s new Stars interface for the Chrome Bookmark Manager has launched on the Chrome Web store. Downloading the extension completely replaced Chrom...

Google's Nexus 6 is a high-powered handful (hands-on)

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Engadget - It's a little funny to see Motorola finally crafting a Nexus phone after Google sold it to Lenovo, but hey - life is peculiar that way. What's more important is that Motorola has taken its responsi...

Finally, A Portable Charger That Allows You To Charge Anything Anywhere

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Lifehack - These days, running out of power is a real concern due to our reliance on electronics. No power means no calls, messages, and emails. It also means you can’t work or do your assignments. Now there’...

Right-Wing Israeli Activist Wounded in Jerusalem -

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The New York Times - JERUSALEM — A prominent Israeli activist who advocates more Jewish access and rights at a hotly contested Jerusalem holy site was shot and seriously wounded by an unknown assailant on Wednesday nig...

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