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The '90s Startup That Terrified Microsoft and Got Americans to Go Online

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WIRED Business - Nineteen ninety-five was the inaugural year of the 21st century, a clear starting point for contemporary life. It was, proclaimed an exuberant newspaper columnist at the time, “the year the Web sta...

Apple’s blowout holiday earnings will set new company record

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Cult of Mac - Apple is set to announce record-breaking earnings tomorrow for its 2014 holiday quarter. Apple projected making $63.5 billion to $66.5 billion in revenue, but Wall Street’s consensus is that the co...

6 Truths to Encourage You During Pastoral Transition : 9Marks

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9Marks - Somewhere right now a church is losing its lead pastor. For whatever reason, this man is leaving, the church has moved into a time of transition, and the members feel like they’ve had the wind knoc...

Snowstorm’s Forecasters Were Mostly Right -

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The New York Times - In the wake of the blizzard that wasn’t, New Yorkers on Tuesday were asking how the weather forecasters could have been so wrong. The answer, the forecasters say — and they are backed up by atmosph...

The Humane Death Penalty Charade -

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The New York Times - When the United States at last abandons the abhorrent practice of capital punishment, the early years of the 21st century will stand out as a peculiar period during which otherwise reasonable peopl...

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