Detroit’s Forgotton Child


Black Lives Matter event addresses police brutality - The Daily Cougar

Shared by NAACP - UH students joined together to take part in the National Association for the Advancement for Colored People’s silent museum Tuesday evening in support of the #BlackLivesMatter movement to honor the...

Definition of white privilege: Nine people killed, 20 shot, no murder charges, everyone released

Shared by Dante Boykin - But the statistics, while they do suggest the existence of white privilege, do not suggest its existence in the manner you imply.   Per Wikipedia, the breakdown of race in America is 62% white, 12%...

Serving Life for a Lie? - What happens when death is taken off the table? Last week, Missouri's Governor bravely and correctly decided not to execute Kimber Edwards, an autistic man sentenced to death by an all-white jury i...

Davontae Sanford

Free Davontae Sanford Time For Change Bring Me Home Enough Is Enough !

Editor's note

We ask for your support to free Davontae, there has been an unprecedented media black out in this case, given it's high profile status the Media has consistently ignored this young child's fight, we ask why?
Do the right thing, change this young man's fate, Sign the petition and send the message it is time to free Davontae now!!
WHY PEOPLE ARE SIGNING s/wrongful-conviction-of-youth -free-davontae-sanford?share_i d=kJkdbbocbt&
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