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Children should be the only privileged class in a society.

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Hashem Taghi - ^ Yeah, that's the main question. Its poverty which keeps people from sending their kids to school and making them work to supplement their income. If we can put in place a good poverty alleviation...

The young are the new poor: Sharp increase in number of under-25s living in poverty, while over-65s are better off than ever - Home News - UK - The Independent

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GMBYoungWorkersW&SW - The Joseph Rowntree Foundation (JRF) says as many people in working families as in unemployed ones now live  in poverty, after a decade of labour market upheaval which means a job is no longer a gu...

8th March: International Women's Day

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Aamera Mukhtar - Mother, Sister, Daughter, Wife four most common  among the relationships a woman can have with other humans. Human: that is the crux of the matter. A woman, too, is human yet, even in this 21st cen...

Councils warnet ov'r youngn sex abuse hillbillynews|gossipferredneckhillbillies!|36224artikles!

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Hillbilly News - By Katherine Sellgre BBC Noose skoolin an' fambly repert'r T' repert kums agin a backdrop o'allegatyuns ov'r organiset youngn abuse an' exploitashun Vulnerabull youngns n' Englan' air at risk o'sax...

Youngns failt ov'r sex abuse risk hillbillynews|gossipferredneckhillbillies!|36224artikles!

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Hillbilly News - T' Ofstid repert kums agin a backdrop o'allegatyuns ov'r organiset youngn abuse an' exploitashun Vulnerabull youngns n' Englan' air at risk o'saxual exploitashun an' abuse becawz o'council failures...

UN finds child trafficking on the rise

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Richard Byrne - One in three victims of human trafficking worldwide is a child, many of them subject to sexual exploitation or forced labour, a UN report says. Overall, child trafficking has increased five per cen...

Homeopathic Medicine: Europe’s #1 Alternative for Doctors

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Katarina Nolte - Europeans make more use of alternative and natural medicine because they have universal health care which covers all or the majority of these types of treatments. There are also more medical treatm...

How I stopped getting bad Christmas presents and helped end exploitation » World Vision Australia Blog

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Tim James - You can make sure your gifts are ethical this Christmas. I don’t like getting Christmas presents. No matter how hard I try when I say “thank you, it’s lovely” I know my face says it all every time....

US Overseas Contracts Faulted in Human Trafficking

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Ashley Feasley - Ten years ago, allegations erupted that U.S. contractors and subcontractors were abusing foreign nationals hired to work in Iraq, Afghanistan and other high-risk countries. Though Congress and the ...

Vulnerable Kids At Risk Of Abuse, Warns Report

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MarySeacole - Vulnerable children at risk of sexual exploitation are being put in danger due to unacceptable failings by social services, health workers and police. A report by the education watchdog Ofsted foun...

Beati Lotofagi: Ilsa, She Wolf of the SS posters

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Viktor Beria - La protagonista della serie su Ilse, Dyanne Thorne non valeva molto come attrice ma veniva scelta in questo genere di pellicole solo per la sua avvenenza fisica. Alla fine diventò una presenza cost...

Mettez fin au mariage d'enfants | Cadeaux de survie (UNICEF Canada)

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Kristine P.-Malette - Aidez-nous à mettre un terme au mariage d’enfants et à permettre aux filles de rester plus longtemps à l’école, afin qu’elles puissent apprendre et devenir autonomes. Votre cadeau permet de souteni...

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