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Boston Key Party 2015 – JFK/UMass « A disturbing lack of taste.

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\x0f - This challenge was a nice pwning task against a kernel module. Clearly, the final goal is to exploit it to become root. The first step is to recognize that a device /dev/supershm is present and tha...

20 Ways You Can Help Fight Human Trafficking

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Tina Tassels - After first learning about human trafficking, many people want to help in some way but do not know how. Here are just a few ideas for your consideration. 1. Learn the red flags that may indicate hu...

Anarchism, Oppression & Exploitation - WSM position paper

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Anarchist Writers - I was part of a long education and discussion process that culminated in this new position paper on "Anarchism, Oppression & Exploitation" being agreed by WSM National Conference at the start of Oc...

Avenged REVIEW - The Reel Word

Shared by - Michael S. Ojeda’s Avenged is a movie that has struck the perfect combination between classic exploitation films and modern horror, combining the sweeping shots of dusty isolated highways and murde...

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Cris Rais - No existe más esta noticia

Gildas ApCaw

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