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Online Yoga Instructor Certification Program

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anmolmehta.com - My interest and passion are spreading the wisdom of yoga and meditation, and helping others to do the same. I have worked very hard to make sure this program gives you exceptional value for your mo...

This Little Parent Stayed Home

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Zarstar Mom

iheart.com - Being you. Nobody can do it better. Oh sure, you might think you'd be better in business if you were someone else. With someone else's education, some... Read more From Woes to Wealth Money is... s...

Free Yourself From Mental Slavery - The best brain possible

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Melissa Zoske

thebestbrainpossible.com - Imagine that someone presents you with a to-do list and tells you that you better hurry and start crossing things off.  Anxiously, you begin working your way through the list.  One of the first to-...

Create More Love | Live Internet Talk Radio

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Deanna Taus

lijlnetwork.com - If people can silence their inner-critic, eliminate guilt and move past fear, they make room in their hearts for enormous amounts of self-love. This is the cornerstone to eliminating chronic proble...

Is Self-Compassion More Important Than Self-Esteem? 

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Mischa Anna Selis

huffingtonpost.com - Few concepts in popular psychology have gotten more attention over the last few decades than self-esteem and its importance in life success and long-term mental health. Of course, much of this disc...

The Business of Being YOU, with Jess Weiner

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Zarstar Mom

allyloprete.com - Oh sure, you might think you’d be better in business if you were someone else. With someone else’s education, someone else’s money, or someone else’s connections. But that is not necessarily true. ...

Worth by Guest Blogger @jcahannigan

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J.C. Hannigan

haphazardcoffee.com - High school is hard. I think that’s a keynote in every movie from the eighties and onward. It’s hard to find your place within the pale yellow hallways lined with blue lockers. It’s hard to feel as...

8 Signs You're Definitely an Introvert

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Yoga For Weight Loss

doyouyoga.com - Social situations naturally focus your energies outward. This can be super draining for us introverts, who recharge our “batteries” by turning our emotional energy inward. That’s why you might see ...

Kelover FÃSITE: Kéfera e Demi Lovato aderem a ‪#‎selflove‬ para mostrar que você pode (e deve!) se orgulhar muito de seu corpo

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kelover.com - Amor próprio nunca é demais! Além da cantora, a YouTuber Kéfera também espalha a onda do amor próprio nas redes sociais. Kéfera Buchmann incentiva suas seguidoras a preferirem uma vida saudável a u...

Simply Centered

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Simply Centered

simplycentered.com - Three years ago, my best friend started using coconut oil after reading about it on YouTube star Jenna Marble’s blog. She could not stop raving about it: “It’s a make up remover! It’s a moisturizer...

When You Look and Feel Your Best, You Perform At Your Best: Time for Some Me Thyme!

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vanessa-coppes.com - “When you look and feel your best, you perform at your best.” In my book,  I write about the choices I made while on my quest for living a more meaningful and fulfilled life: The 360º Lifestyle. Fr...

Get Fit, Yes!: #fitness

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iqboom.com - #sport #sports #active #fun #fit #fitness #instasport #gym #training #workout #excercise #somuchfun #HASH_STAGRAM #crowd #train #justdoit #health #fitspo #healthy #gameday #win #winner #score #best...

A Seven-Step Prescription for Self-Love

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Kalpana J M

psychologytoday.com - Self-love is a popular term today that gets tossed around in normal conversation. "You have to love yourself more." "Why don't you love yourself?" "If you only loved yourself, this wouldn't have ha...

Finding Yourself Exactly Where You are Supposed to Be

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Ashley Sears

quirkyinspired.com - There comes moments in life when you have those “aha” moments. Those little moments of clarity that make you realize despite the fear, the self doubt, and the indecision that you are exactly where ...


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Beverly Jo Pryor

soulkisses.tv - Many women skip the main ingredient for having a successful relationship and that starts with loving you first. If you find yourself in/out of relationships wondering what went wrong. It may be tim...

Episode 105 with Ryan Beshel

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Val Groth

inspirationwithval.com - So many of my clients tell me that they would feel incredibly regretful and frustrated if they found themselves in the same place next year where they are now.   But, unfortunately that’s exactly w...

I’m Free – Awareness of Who You Are by Discovering Who You Are Not!

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Erika Kind

erikakind.wordpress.com - http://www.amazon.com/Im-Free-Awareness-Who-Discovering/dp/1452593701/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1413360674&sr=8-1&keywords=Erika+Kind

Caitlin Boyle: "Changing lives one Post-It note at a time"

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Valerie Groth

inspirationwithval.com - Caitlin Boyle is the author of three award-winning books.  Most importantly, she started a worldwide movement that has touched the lives of hundreds of thousands of people – especially women and gi...

Warrior Workbook – Recovery Warriors

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Recovery Warriors

shop.recoverywarriors.com - A life without destructive behaviors, fear foods and self-imposed rules that consume your mind and control your life.  Imagine a life in which you feel confident, worthy of love and at peace with y...

5 Non-Diet Factors That Can Affect Your Weight

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Beatrix Willow

news.health.com - For years I’ve heard experts say, “Weight loss simply comes down to calories in versus calories out.” But throughout my years as a practitioner, that simple philosophy hasn’t rung true. I’ve seen c...

Sacred Bombshell Lifestyle | My Spiritpreneur Diary! How Not to be an ELLE Magazine Intern

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abiolatv.com - How Not to Intern at ELLE Magazine: Tales of a Fashion Magazine Internship Gone Awry. You’ve seen the movie The Devil Wears Prada, right? Well my internship at ELLE Magazine was just like that — ex...

A (wise) man of two faces, Be your own best lover

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deuscain.tumblr.com - I write this on Sunday, the 18th of January after spending the past three-and-a-half days at home recovering from a cold.  I am officially sick of my stomach-friendly BRAT diet (Bananas, rice, appl...

The ClubPlanet Interview: Kerli

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C a m i L a ♥

clubplanet.com - RS: You put the most amazing quote out there and I want you to explain it. “Writing sessions are like one night stands, you have to make yourself completely vulnerable to a stranger and be okay wit...

10 Ways To Unlock The Confident Side In You - Fiterazzi

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fiterazzi.com - Confidence: It’s not easy, and it’s not supposed to be. Sometimes you wake up with a zit the size of the moon on your forehead. Sometimes you make a mistake and there are consequences you have to f...

Feeling vs. Dwelling

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iamru.by - A question that I get asked often… “How long should I be feeling like this?” This is a question that people often ponder after tough experiences like break ups or losing their jobs. My response to ...

My Journey To Becoming A Plus-Size Superhero

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ravishly.com - "Kerry, it's your turn. Step up! " the photographer called to me, excitement in his voice. And this is the safety harness that was certified to keep me —all 300 pounds of me —from plummeting to my ...

Self Doubt as an Artist | Burn The Witch Photography

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Moxie McMurder

burnthewitchphotography.wordpress.com - Everyone suffers from self doubt from time to time but I think artists, no matter what the medium, experience more self doubt that usual. As an artist you’re putting yourself and the work that best...

Believe in the beauty of your dreams~BOAW2015 -

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Paula Reed Nancarrow

patriciasandsauthor.com - It’s the fourth anniversary of the Beauty Of A Woman blogfest hosted by the talented women’s activist, journalist and writer, August McLaughlin. I hope you will find a quiet time in the next little...

Schedule | 305 Fitness

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305 Fitness

305fitness.com - In New York, we are located at 18 W 8th St.  You can find our Washington, D.C. schedule here. We open sign-ups for the week at 10AM on Mondays. If you do not see a "Sign Up" button available, this ...

This Little Parent Stayed Home

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Julie Holloway

iheart.com - Self-Employment can be downright SCARY. If you find yourself feeling anxious about the small business you set in motion, nervous about where the next... Read more From Woes to Wealth Money is... su...

AFFIRMATION | I Give Myself Permission to Succeed - Love U Too - Love U Too

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Love U Too

loveu-too.com - I give myself permission to succeed. I give myself permission to work towards my goals. I give myself permission to set goals.

Photo taken with iPhone 5s - Zuid-Holland - Animal - YouPic

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Marit ૐ Merkus

youpic.com - f Favorite r RePic c Comment Terms and Conditions · About · Facebook page Marit C. Merkus Score 100% Published in Animal · Tue, 03 Mar 2015 13:06:02 GMT

Scary Success… Even for those with fear.

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Zarstar Mom

allyloprete.com - If you find yourself feeling anxious about the small business you set in motion, nervous about where the next paycheck is coming from, or skeptical about investing any more of yourself (let alone m...

Hello, March! (Goals + Wishes)

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Jessica J.

jessicasays.com - Hello, megababes! March is upon us and man, am I happy to greet this new month! February has been a bit of a tough one for me: between catching a nasty cold that put me out of commission for ten da...

Lessons in Self Love from a 13-Month-Old « the ^mostly mindful mommy

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Annie Lyons

mostlymindfulmommy.com - My daughter is her biggest cheerleader. It’s not that she doesn’t have competition – believe me, her dad and I think pretty much every breath she takes is one of the most impressive things we’ve ev...

Graham Health Center - Home

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OU Campus Recreation

wwwp.oakland.edu - Graham Health Center provides convenient, affordable, high quality health care right on campus. We are staffed by certified Nurse Practitioners and Physician Assistants who have extensive education...

It’s YOUR Time — Live A Heart Inspired Life!!!

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Michelle McCullar

womenswholenessconnection.com - I love adventure and I love feeling inspired. Put the two together and life is amazingly rich and fulfilling. One of my favorite themes, which is the hallmark of the work I do today, centers around...

Be your own best lover

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Daniel Meyer

deuscain.wordpress.com - I write this on Sunday, the 18th of January after spending the past three-and-a-half days at home recovering from a cold.  I am officially sick of my stomach-friendly BRAT diet (Bananas, rice, appl...

3 steps to Self-Love

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Sherri Nickols

unleashyoursparkle.com - “THE YOUNG BOY said to his grandfather, ‘I have two wolves barking inside of me. The first wolf is filled with anger, hatred, bitterness, and mostly revenge. The second wolf inside of me is filled ...

- Blog

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Princess Mazzaloulou

mazzaloulou.weebly.com - When I was thrust more fervently onto the spiritual path, one of the first things I was compelled to do was smother my house with love hearts. Then when I became extremely fearful, seeing events pl...

99.99% of our beliefs are a LIE!

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Dr Pan Gabrielides

now-vitamins.net -  As a professional healer, I can tell you without a doubt that the new sciences like the Quantum sciences, the Placebo/Nocebo Effect(The deleterious/poisonous thought that could kill you), Psychone...

27 Things I've Learned in 27 Years

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Jessica J.

jessicasays.com - Hello, lovely people! As some of you may know, last Saturday marked my 27th (!!) birthday. It was a gloriously chilled, low-key affair spent in the company of one of my very favourite people in the...

Coloring Isn't Just For Kids. It Can Actually Help Adults Combat Stress.

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Renew Counseling

huffingtonpost.com - Coloring is an activity that we tend to associate with children. As we grow older, we put aside our crayons and colored pencils in favor of more respectable writing utensils like pens and highlight...

Curious Being: To be at peace

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Curious Being

curiousbeing15.blogspot.com - You are unique. That sounds ordinary and played out, but it's true. You are unique. Just look at your face. There is no one who has that exact same face in this whole world, you know. Those eyes an...

How to Give Into Your Cravings Without Shame - US News

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Renew Counseling

health.usnews.com - As I learned while studying at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition a few years back, cravings are our body’s way of telling us something is out of balance and needs attention. Nearly two years ...

When Someone Doesn’t Get It, Is It Worth Trying To Explain It? - 3WCircle – We swap life stories before business cards. Womens Organization, NYC

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3wcircle.com - As someone who fits out and is often misunderstood by her contemporaries, I am slowly learning that sometimes you don’t have to explain why you are doing something because if people love you, they ...

18 Women Share The First Mean Thing Someone Said About Their Bodies

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❄️doni lemley❄️

buzzfeed.com - Response: “I was turning into a woman. Deal with it.” Response: “Oh, I’m not (but my boobs appeared early).” Response: “He got bit by a rabid dog the next week. So, karma is a BITCH.” Response: “My...

So, You're Telling Me You Don't Like The Way You Think I Have Sex? 'Cause That's All I'm Hearing.

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Heather Elliott

upworthy.com - By submitting above you agree to the Upworthy privacy policy. We're on a mission to spread meaningful content far and wide. Try our daily email, The Upworthiest, and see for yourself! By submitting...

100 Pound ReBIRTH

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Misty Easler

mistyeasler.tumblr.com - Actor Misty Easler... On the Road to Transform & Transcend My Old Me into the Amazing Being I have radiating inside of Me. I throw some of my favorite Pics , quotes, or whatever thrills me #Rebirth...

Through My Divorce - Business Heroine

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businessheroinemagazine.com - After I got divorced, I was looking for a way to reclaim my body, my femininity, my sexuality. My ex-husband accused me of being frigid. Uninterested in sex. Selfish. Career-centered. He wasn’t alt...

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