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“Have the courage to dare.” - thedailywayhome

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Kendra Sebelius

thedailywayhome.com - Thought continuously creates what we are thinking and brings what we are thinking, ever closer to us. If we truly embraced this we would likely make it our full time jobs to be constantly vigilant ...

Online Yoga Instructor Certification Program

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anmolmehta.com - My interest and passion are spreading the wisdom of yoga and meditation, and helping others to do the same. I have worked very hard to make sure this program gives you exceptional value for your mo...

Soul Power Meditation - Epreneur TV

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epreneur.tv - Enjoy The Following Presentation Where You Will Learn The FIVE Key Components To Experiencing The Amazing Benefits Of Meditation. From this moment on, forget everything you’ve “heard” about meditat...

Self-love 101: What It Really Means to 'love Yourself' -

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Stevie Hardwick

eharmony.com - If you’re looking for romantic love, you’ve probably heard the advice that the key to getting someone to love you is to love yourself first. Yet the phrase is thrown around so casually, it’s assume...

Self-Love Diet Writing Challenge Day 29: Ask for Support - Love Warrior Community

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EDRS, Inc.

lovewarriorcommunity.com - Many of my clients have said, “I can take care of myself,” or “If I’m needy I’ll be too much for people.” These are mistaken beliefs. All human beings have needs. “Neediness” is a human trait; it i...

Holy shift! How to be okay with what happens after 30.

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Shar Is

readysetgodostuff.wordpress.com - “It’s really all about getting to know my self-culture” This sprang out of my mouth at a recent nosh-session with friends. It’s one of those things that comes out with little thought then delivers ...

The Pampered You

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Shop Your Way

shopyourway.com - J.R. Watkins Milk & Honey Hand and Body Lotion ... Philosophy Coconut Frosting Shampoo/Shower ... Philosophy Peppermint Stick Shampoo, Shower ... Lollia Wander 12.0 oz Perfumed Bubble Bath Splendid...

Write a Prescription for Your Soul - Dr. Deborah

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My Empowered Life

drdeborah.com - Burning the candle at both ends (& having no time for self-care) was the recipe for disaster in my life. I was on the verge of self-destruction in my mind, body and spirit. Something had to change....

Self-loathing, My Closet, and Me

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Active Lightworks

womeninlivingness.com - The weekend before last, I was feeling great in myself, no feeling of self-loathing in sight and whilst tidying my room I decided to go through the clothes in my closet. I was in the mood for a dee...

Journey Called Life - Open Letter to Women | Tina C. Hines - Life Transformation Specialist

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Monterey Holistic

tinachines.com - Each day that you open your eyes, I feel your struggle to muster up the energy to lift your head off the pillow, sit up on the edge of the bed, place your feet on the floor and begin another day. I...

It’s YOUR Time — Live A Heart Inspired Life!!! « Women's Wholeness Connection

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Michelle McCullar

womenswholenessconnection.com - I love adventure and I love feeling inspired. Put the two together and life is amazingly rich and fulfilling. One of my favorite themes, which is the hallmark of the work I do today, centers around...

Causes of Self-Hatred - Return to Source Wellbeing

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Amanda Roberts

returntosourcewellbeing.com - A little while back, I wrote a long-ish piece on the connection between self-hatred and autoimmune disorders. Our emotional wellbeing matters just as much as our physical wellbeing. If we sustain e...

Self-Love: Battling Postnatal Depression - Eeep I'm A Blogger

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Mental Parentals

eeepimablogger.co.uk - Folks, it’s almost the end of the week. Finally! It’s been such a hectic one this week so I’m glad to have a bit of down time planned for the weekend. I’ve got another fantastic post for the Self-L...

The white space - Me ... Unfinished

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Martine Jolicoeur

meunfinished.com - Hello and welcome!  Today, we are doing a short one…  I know, I know, it’s not Monday, but I had to take some “White Space”.  That is what you do when there is an overload going on in your life.  W...

Caitlin Boyle: "Changing lives one Post-It note at a time"

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Val Groth

inspirationwithval.com - Caitlin Boyle is the author of three award-winning books.  Most importantly, she started a worldwide movement that has touched the lives of hundreds of thousands of people – especially women and gi...

You CAN Change Your Life

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iamru.by - Life can feel pretty freakin’ shitty and extremely difficult. Sometimes those difficulties become so overwhelming that life actually starts to feel impossible to live. Today’s vlog is about me, my ...

6 Lessons I've Learned in My Recovery

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iamru.by - The word “Addiction” wasn’t part of my journey until after I began healing. I never understood the true depths of my addictive behavior until I stepped away from that life completely. For some reas...

Discovery Fit & Health : Sara Novak

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blogs.discovery.com - I’ll admit it--I’m guilty. I strive for perfection everyday and sometimes I can get carried away. My to-do list is lengthy and I run through it with an eagle eye toward detail. I can’t help it, it’...

The Struggle To Be Brave. : everydaydolce.com

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jamie berube

everydaydolce.com - Posted on Thursday, January 29, 2015 · Leave a Comment  “And you? When will you begin your long journey into yourself?” Lately I find myself wondering what it means to be brave. To be brave in our ...

Happy Friday :) #kishalokirobinson...

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Kisha loki Robinson

thalovemovement.tumblr.com - About the Author Kisha loki Robinson is a Global Liaison/Consultant responsible for setting and maintaining the overall vision and direction at ThALoveMovement®. She is introduces and negotiates fr...

Inner BEauty | Fulfilled Destiny

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Fulfilled Destiny

fulfilleddestiny-s3.com - WELCOME to FULFILLED DESTINY Blog - Where YOU get to Discuss, Share, Contribute YOUr Mind’s thoughts to the HOW, WHEN, WHERE, & WHY to Fulfill YOUr Destiny NOW! Fulfilled Destiny is a Lotus of Sanc...

Winky Boo ®

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Winky Boo ®

winkyboo.tumblr.com - Filling my cup today with lots of #selfcare + #selflove .💁💕 You are beautiful darlings…ALL of you! Make yourself a priority. Never compare yourself to others. YOU are one of a kind! 👌You bring t...

Tarotize - Holistic Tarot: Romancing Myself - A Self-Love Tarot Spread

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Lisa Frideborg

tarotize.com - Romancing Myself - A Self-Love Tarot Spread The inspiration for this spread comes from the Victorian Romantic Tarot deck itself as well as from working myself through the 6 week 'May Cause Miracles...

6 Simple Ways to Make Big Changes to Your Look

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beautyhigh.com - With the beginning of 2015, it’s all about “new year, new me,” right? While making a pretty lengthy list of resolutions was the easy part, deciding how exactly to carry out all the changes isn’t al...

SaffronTia • Listening to music. #hope #faith #dreams #love...

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hopefaithdreams.tumblr.com - Listening to music. #hope #faith #dreams #love #selflove #happy #music #snow #sunshine #sun #followme #followback #followbackteam #teamfollowback #followforfollow #follow4follow #fb #fbt #tfb #fff ...


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Shannon Lagasse

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An Experience in Nature - Love Warrior Community

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Emelina Anne Minero

lovewarriorcommunity.com - I was in eastern Canada for a women’s retreat. On one of the days, we went on a field trip to see petroglyphs, ancient drawings on rocks by native people that had been preserved in a national park....

Valentines Gifts for Your Fave Person (You!)

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Ohhh Canada

ohhhcanada.ca - Home  /  Valentines Gifts for Your Fave Person (You!) Valentines Gifts for Your Fave Person (You!) Afterglow Massage Oil Candle (Jimmyjane) BodyWand Plug-In Massager (BodyWand) Crochet Pattern Stoc...

18 Things To Tell Yourself When You Think You’re Not Good Enough

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Rich Blue

lifehack.org - Sometimes life just gets to be a little too much and it’s easy to get overwhelmed. Whether it be expectations from your boss, colleagues, friends, family or other half–or even the sky-high expectat...

when a birth certificate hijacks a body and tells it to speak or forever hold its peace

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TheTheater Offensive

returnthegayze.com - what would it mean to say that i was assigned brown at birth? (& then came ‘man’ as the punctuation mark after) what would it mean to say that after 9/11 my ? became !  what would it mean to say th...

Claiming Compassion…For Yourself | Grace Quantock Trail Blazing Wellness

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Darryl Erentzen

gracequantock.com - “Everyone who is born holds dual citizenship, in the kingdom of the well and in the kingdom of the sick. Although we all prefer to use only the good passport, sooner or later each of us is obliged,...

Unapologetically Awesome : Blibli

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Bad Beez

cafepress.com - Unapologetically Awesome T-Shirt $21.99 Unapologetically Awesome T-Shirt $18.99 Unapologetically Awesome Tank Top $19.99 Unapologetically Awesome Baseball Jersey $19.99 Unapologetically Awesome T-S...

Teresa Morrow shares as she is a guest on The Gift of Choice show hosted by Bonnie Grossel

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teresamorrow.com - I had the honor of being a guest on The Gift of Choice show with host Bonnie Grossel. On the show we talked about self love, trust, anger, relationships, life lessons and healing. Bonnie asked me s...

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Tina C. Hines

myemail.constantcontact.com - Guests attending the retreat have the option of reserving hotel accommodations at LaVue Boutique Inn for $165/nt. All guestrooms feature a king-sized bed, efficiency kitchen, air conditioning, 70+ ...

I Accept Who I Am!

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Lyn Hicks

harmonyhillgardens.blogspot.com - Acceptance! What a word indeed! If there is anything that we all should be doing in self development or education of our minds, it should be to accept who we are! This whole shindig here is about b...

Don’t Commit S.E.L.F.icide - Mindful Living Network

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Mindful Living

mindfullivingnetwork.com - By: Dr. Kathleen Hall, Founder and CEO of Mindful Living Network Selficide arises when you die psychologically, spiritually, and eventually physically. You likely are not aware that you are committ...

Beautifully Empowered (#Repost @1mermaidbabe ・・・ “…A King needs to...)

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wisdomorganic.tumblr.com - #Repost @1mermaidbabe ・・・ “…A King needs to eat.” #selflove #PassItOn #worth #queenthings #queenthings  #passiton  #worth  #selflove  #repost 

Inspiring Resources: Camp Stomping Ground

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Family + Footprints

familyandfootprints.com - Welcome to our second post in the series, Inspiring Resources. We share websites, programs and opportunities to highlight some of the best out there for families. If you’re drawn to the outdoors, t...

Why The Person Who Broke You Can't Be The One Who Fixes You

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Linda Shkreli

elitedaily.com - There is nothing in life that will make you stronger or screw you up more than heartbreak. I have only had my heart broken by one person in my life — and it was more than enough. Falling in love wi...

A-Z list of mental health conditions

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itsgoodtotalk.org.uk - The symptoms can be mild, with a low mood that soon picks up, or it can be a consistent low mood that lasts for several weeks or more. This prevents a person from functioning to their full ability....

Sometimes I Don’t Like Myself Much, But I’m Working On It

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zenandpi.com - I try to love myself, I really do, but when you have lived with on again/off again depression for as long as you can remember there are going to be times when you slip into old habits. Your mind is...

by S. Benson | www.bysbenson.com #selflove #plussizeclothing...

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by S. Benson

bysbenson.tumblr.com - #selflove #plussizeclothing #plussize #plussizebeauty #fashiondesigner #plussizeclothing #plussizefashion #plussize #plussizebeauty #fashiondesigner #psfashion #Etsy #BySBenson #naturalhair #Fashio...

A Life Full of Serendipity | A remedy for self-love: lessons in Ayurveda.

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Serendipity Tess

alifefullofserendipity.com - When I pushed myself to do a 15-day trek despite being ill and walking away with the diagnosis pneumonia, I decided I needed to change things. I’m being to hard on myself and completely ignore when...

Melodies, Memories and Mistakes: Loving My Shadow

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Sujan maharjan

zappylily.blogspot.com - I have so many things to tell. So many anecdotes to share. But sometimes words don't come right. Sometimes words don't make sense and even if they did, there are way too many things to share and th...

Self- Love - Light Cleansing

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Jessica Sheridan

lightcleansing.com - What is Self-Love? Just the most important thing we can learn! So many people have a broken record playing in their minds telling them they are not good enough: "I will never be able to buy a house...

Self Love Life Coach

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inlovewithme.com - We are trained in a model of coaching that focuses on you, asking you intentional questions that allow you to catapult forward. We also have many tools in our toolbox that we can use with you to ma...

The World's Most Comprehensive Eating Disorder Referral and Information Website

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ED Referral

edreferral.com - by Rachel Quast, M.A., CPT Do either of these phrases sound or feel familiar: “But I’m just not hungry!” or “I have a ravenous appetite that I can never fill.” For those experiencing an eating diso...

Manifesting Abundance 4 Week Coaching Audio Class | Self Help & Self Love Books

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inlovewithme.com - These meditations have been said to be “heavenly” “and “one of the most nurturing things I have ever experienced”.  A highly regarded spiritual teacher indicated that these meditations get you into...

Self Love Strategies | Self Help & Self Love Books

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inlovewithme.com - “I looked in the mirror as if it were the first time, and I saw the beautiful, brilliant person I truly am. I deeply love myself just as I am. I am so grateful I gave myself this gift.” In this boo...

Nutrition Facts – 100% MILF

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divorcedmoms.com - When I was married my husband gave me many gifts. Lots of them: designer handbags, jewelry, luxury cars, expensive dinners, and an all-around five-star hotel lifestyle. But the one gift he never bo...

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