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Preview Soul Sessions | 5 Week Course for the Life You Want

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Dr Danielle Dowling

danielle-dowling.com - You did The Right Things – the impressive degree, the prestigious job, the perfectly decorated home. Or, at least, it doesn’t feel quite how you imagined it would. Your job isn’t as exciting as it ...

“Self Love and Self Care is not ‘selfish’ its ‘selfing.’” - thedailywayhome

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Kendra Sebelius

thedailywayhome.com - The hero’s journey is not for everyone. Many are called but few step up to the plate and take 100% responsibility for their lives including their pasts, their presents and how they alone can influe...

Online Yoga Instructor Certification Program

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Vishal Desai

anmolmehta.com - My interest and passion are spreading the wisdom of yoga and meditation, and helping others to do the same. I have worked very hard to make sure this program gives you exceptional value for your mo...

What It Means To Fall In Love With Your Life

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Over The Moon

overthemoonmag.com - I have just completed several years of work in a spiritual book entitled Sacred Contracts, by Carolyn Myss. The book asks you to identify eight archetypes in your personality from a long list. Myss...

You Are Entitled To Feel What You Feel

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iamru.by - Tough days happen. Part of the human experience is to be in touch with our emotions. Be gentle with yourself and allow yourself to feel all that you are feeling. If you need a time-out, take it. If...

Hay House Publishing – Books, DVDs, Live and Online Author Events, E-books, iPhone Apps

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hayhouse.com - Sign up to receive the Hay House online newsletter and stay informed of what’s going on with your favorite authors Plus get discounts and offers, special events, product highlights and more!

Tired of Being Single? Start Dating Yourself

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medium.com - Let me preface this piece by saying that I’m 31, I’m single, I haven’t been in love in years, and I haven’t gone on a real date in months. And I’m happy. It seems that every other conversation I ha...

Self Loving for Depression, Panic and Anxiety

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Irina Wardas CHHC

holistichealthtalkradioforwomen.com - Share the post "Action Plan for Self Loving Healing and Happiness with Empowerment Coach Suzanne Kovi" On “Feel and Look Fabulous” Health Talk Radio for Women Radio: Suzanne Kovi, Empowerment Coach...

be you, be unique on Pinterest

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Gina Senarighi, MFT

pinterest.com - Can you look without the voice in your head commenting, drawing conclusions, comparing, or trying to figure something out?” - Eckhart Tolle, A New Earth Let go of judgment and jealousy this fall in...

Keys to a Happy Long-Term Relationship

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Over The Moon

overthemoonmag.com - A loving and deep long-term relationship is priceless. It has a huge potential to transform us, make us better, stronger and fulfilled on a deep level. But all this doesn’t come by default. Once yo...

When You Don't Feel Worthy Of the Love You Want » Dina Robison Soul Mate Coach

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Dina Prioste Robison

dinarobison.com - Though it’s quite common to be down on oneself from time to time – especially if you can be a perfectionist and have high standards (like myself) – true feelings of unworthiness need to be addresse...

Thought o’the Week No. 41

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Stephanie Marie

blog.thefeteblog.com - A little challenge to start off your week (come on, Monday didn’t count). What are you holding back these days? What are you shying away from? How can you push yourself, your love, your work just a...

Vanisha: A Life Un-Styled: Replenish What You Diminish

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Vanisha Vakaoti

vanishaslife.blogspot.com - "Those who bring sunshine into the lives of others cannot keep it for themselves" I came across this quote many years ago and it left a lasting impression. I think about it often. Over the years I ...

Wheel of Life - A Self-Assessment Tool - The Start of Happiness

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Giovanna Silvestre

startofhappiness.com - The Wheel of Life is a great exercise and tool for helping you create more balance and success in your life. It is often used in coaching and is a great foundation exercise when goal-setting. Below...

BLOG | Raw Beauty Talks | A conversation about beauty, confidence & self-love.

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Gold Lemon Creative

rawbeautytalks.com - Recently I’ve been following Raw Beauty Talks embark on a courageous campaign called “#IAmEnough.” This is not a new crisis, but it’s an absolutely vital one. Women have always fought a war against...

5 Issues In Your Life That Self Care Can Improve

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See Body.Love Self.™

seebodyloveself.org - Hustle, grind, win, achieve…there are so many buzz words these days that focus on productivity.  It is a trend in our modern day society to do everything, give everything, and risk everything just ...

How Are You Feeling? - Bubblews

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Sharon D

bubblews.com - How are you feeling? Writing off the Cuff.... by beaufly I wanted to get in a quick post to gauge how the community is feeling. I see many people are experiencing a decrease in earnings and are exp...


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Kendra Sebelius

unabashedlyfemale.com - I’ve been feeling so much creativity inside, like there’s this impulse – so strong – to create. The impulse was like a river running – so strong and vital. I’ve got a few things I’m working on, so ...

Ireland on Valentines Day – a chanting and healing retreat

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Alicia Mathewson

soundingstillwellness.com - Please join me Feb14-19, 2015 for a chanting and healing retreat at one of my favorite places on earth: Creacon Lodge Wellness Centre in New Ross, Ireland. Each morning and afternoon we will chant ...

...I've been...

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creativitei.blogspot.com - Battling depression and trying to get my life in order.  For me it always seems like when it rains it pours. I'm generally an optimistic person. But over the last few weeks reality seemed to grab m...

Makeup-Free Kerry Washington Dishes on Her Allure Cover Shoot, Beauty Icons & Hairstyle Regrets

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eonline.com - Kerry Washington is having a really, really good year. And it's not over yet! The Scandal star is Allure's November cover girl, and the issue hits newsstands October 28. But until then, Allure is g...

KEEN: MsLisaM Boho Living ~ Be Fearless : The Purpose of a Reading

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Lisa M

keen.com - The Purpose of a Reading Hello All! I sincerely hope anyone reading this is blessed with some relief this month as it seems Mercury Retrograde has been kicking butt and taking names!  Even for me, ...

Create More Love | Live Internet Talk Radio

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Deanna Taus

lijlnetwork.com - If people can silence their inner-critic, eliminate guilt and move past fear, they make room in their hearts for enormous amounts of self-love. This is the cornerstone to eliminating chronic proble...

Study & Health

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❇The Lonely Girl ❇

studyhealthytips.tumblr.com - Study & Health I created this blog b/c I want to start reading again. I want to learn how to / eat healthy /  be healthy / be organized / motivated myself  // New in the world of books. I like tea,...

WELLNESS: How to age gracefully; journey of a leaf | The Independent

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The Independent

suindependent.com - Recently, I spent the weekend in the mountains at a cabin. Fall was in full bloom (pun intended). As I stood outside in the chilly autumn breeze, looking at the trees all around me, they were stand...

Lauren Morrison • Always love who you are. #selflove #beautiful...

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Lauren M. Morrison

lmorrison20.tumblr.com - About Life is an open door. Its up to you to decide if you are going to go through it or shut it. Don't live for others because they will only bring you down to a new level of loneliness. Being som...

The Truth About Age 46: On My Birthday, So Happy Being Me

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Robin Caldwell

mybrownbaby.com - Today is my birthday and the truth of the matter is this: at age 46, I am stronger, smarter, funnier, fitter, doper, finer than I’ve ever been. I say this not to brag. It is what it is. Finally. Gr...

Brain Farts - Annesa Tabassum

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mybrainfarts.com - Annesa Tabassum has been painting and doing henna tattoos for as long as she can remember. Shes also an upcoming  sophomore at NDSU majoring in Pre-medicine. Painting has always been an outlet for ...

Brain Farts - Black Assassin

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mybrainfarts.com - Black Assassin is an up and coming producer/engineer out of North Carolina. He's worked with numerous rising artist across the state and this page is to promote the evolution of the assassin in the...

Brain Farts - Natalie Danielle

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mybrainfarts.com - Natalie Danielle is an up and coming poet that loves the art of creative expression. She has created a few original pieces that will truly touch your soul. Contact info: Facebook: Author Natalie Da...

Popular Art Prints

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society6.com - Popular Art Prints Category: All All 3D Abstract Animal Architecture Black and White Children Collage Comic Digital Food Funny Game Graphic Design Illustration Landscape Love Mixed Media Movies & T...

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