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Crazy Wild Love Holiday Challenge | Life Coach

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alexismeads.com -   I have designed my Crazy Wild Love Holiday Challenge to launch you into a life long practice of self-love.   Everyday, you’ll receive little prompts, pep-talks, affirmations and inspiration to fi...

@VIBEVixen» 3 Lessons We Learned From The ‘Dark Girls’ Documentary » Deena Campbell

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vibevixen.com - As we tuned into Dark Girls on OWN last night (June 23), we explored the prejudices that dark-skinned women face throughout the world. While we gained a haunting insight, we were also inspired to u...

wsRadio.com | 11/20/14 Am I Pretty Enough? Navigating Life in Your Own Body - wsRadio.com

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Jen Tress

wsradio.com - 10/16/14 Liberal Education as a Bedrock for Visionary Leadership Mike Peters, President of St. John’s College in Santa Fe, NM http://www.stjohnscollege.edu

Put Yourself First (And Success Will Follow)

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Jason Garner

mindbodygreen.com - There seems to be constant pressure to get everything done at record speeds, a desire to go from point A to B to C as quickly as possible. This need for more and constantly being in a hurry takes u...

Soulseeds » Blog Archive » SEED OF SELF LOVE by Byron Katie

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Soulseeds Coach

soulseeds.com - Interesting post Ian. Blessing to me is the practice of love in all situations, and I’ve had a few where someone didn’t like me. It use to bother me all the time and still can sometimes. But now I ...

Thought o’the Week No. 45

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SelfLove-A Community

blog.thefeteblog.com - What do you love most about your life today? What changes do you want to make? When you think of your pie-in-the-sky dream, how close are you to living it? PS. What if you don’t feel like this at a...

Listening To Your Inner Guide

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iamru.by - At the beginning of this month, I attended a weekend course – one that would forever change my life. I first heard about “Spirit Junkie Masterclass” back in May and as soon as I found out, I decide...

Home For The Holidays: A Live, Virtual Self-Love Weekend Workshop- Eventbrite

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eventbrite.ca - Dealing with all the drama, expectations, obligations of family and friends during the holidays. Often when we go home for the holidays we are around people we aren’t used to spending a lot of time...

Why Jealousy and Jealous Combat Gets You Nowhere

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The Dame Intl

the-dame.com - For reasons usually blamed on patriarchal conditioning, women tend to be of the jealous sort.  Judging by their behaviour, Im assuming they never give thought to why they are jealous of other women...

My “Naked Truth”

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Better After 50

betterafter50.com - Is the message that if we are aging and not a size 6 we are going to be in for some real trouble? Or what if we had some kind of body changing surgery through the years? Robin is still on a very de...

The Secrets Your Body Wants To Share

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Esther Bartkiw

whispersfromthesoul.com - Empowering people on their personal journey of change and transformation for over a decade Helping people open to consciousness, all possibilities and their magnificence. Certified Holistic Therapi...

Untitled • When one is content with having tea and dinner...

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André Winfrye Events

andrewinfryeeventsblog.tumblr.com - When one is content with having tea and dinner alone in a five star restaurant. Freedom! #selflove #content

The Key to a Successful Relationship: Have One With Yourself First 

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My Bariatric Life

huffingtonpost.com - Many of us have been brought up to believe that life is imperfect unless we get married, have children or at the very least, have a "life partner." If you are single, you might hear, "Don't worry, ...

3 Tips for Navigating Your Divorce

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Stephanie Marie

blog.thefeteblog.com - When I worked at a Charlottesville newsweekly, everyone in the newsroom was divorced. It was sad, to be sure, and everyone had their own individual experiences, but at the end of the day, it was a ...

The Greatest Love of All: Developing a Relationship with Self

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My Bariatric Life

datehookup.com - The first step in taking better care of yourself is to get to know yourself in a deeper sense. This is more than just your basic identity, such as your name, sex, age, and occupation. You must beco...


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Ms.Nicole Barnett

tsu.co - #Respect goes a long way in life.#selfworth #feminist #selflove #relationship #tsu #walking #confidence #freedom #woman


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thesoulmateexperience.com - From Part 1: Creating Your Soulmate Experience you will receive Chapter 2: Loving Your Body From Part 2: Keeping Your Soulmate Experience Alive you will receive Chapter 5: Having a Guest in Your Li...

Tome Tender: Jennifer Ott's MY SOUL TO SHINE Highlight & Giveaway

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tometender.blogspot.com - "You and I are now time itself, not just the city, The whole world is taking part in our decision. We are more than just the two of us now. We embody something. We are sitting in the People's Squar...

What are ways you can show yourself love today? #selflove #youtimecoach www.youtimecoach.com Life, Deep Quotes About Lov... - Famous Quotes

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browsequotes.com - Famous QuotesBusinessRelationshipFriendshipInspirationalSuccessWisdomLifeLove What are ways you can show yourself love today? #selflove #youtimecoach www.youtimecoach.com Life, Deep Quotes About Lo...

Where is the line between considering others and choosing yourself?

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thedynamom.com - I took myself on a date yesterday. I had some time off, my son was in school and I had total street feet. In dire need of a pedicure, I went to my salon, plunked myself down and got my nails and to...

The Magick Playhouse: In the Akashics: A Healing Ceremony for Creating New Possibilities

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Dina Deon

dinadeon.blogspot.com - On Saturday, November 22nd we will be experiencing a new moon in the zodiac sign of Sagittarius. New moons are a time of new beginnings, planting seeds, transformations and planning. Each month we ...

The Natural hair Pin-up - Think like a boss #respect #selflove...

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naturalpinup.tumblr.com - Think like a boss #respect #selflove #selfmotervation #keepitreal #wordsofwisdon

Why You Need to Love Yourself Unconditionally

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notesonbliss.com - I recently spent the weekend at a silent meditation retreat with my fiancé. It’s so rare we get extended periods alone to unpack and sort through our thoughts these days. At first it felt a little ...

by S. Benson | #Repost @bossbabe.inc ・・・ #selflove...

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by S. Benson

bysbenson.tumblr.com - #Repost @bossbabe.inc ・・・ #selflove #plussizeclothing #plussize #plussizebeauty #fashiondesigner #plussizeclothing #plussizefashion #plussize #plussizebeauty #fashiondesigner #psfashion #Etsy #BySB...

Giveaway | Rafflecopter :)

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rafflecopter.com - Rafflecopter makes it easy to run a giveaway online. Create & launch a giveaway in minutes. Want to run your own giveaways? Rafflecopter is free and totally dead-easy. Try it out today!

by S. Benson | #selflove #plussizeclothing #plussize...

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by S. Benson

bysbenson.tumblr.com - #selflove #plussizeclothing #plussize #plussizebeauty #fashiondesigner #plussizeclothing #plussizefashion #plussize #plussizebeauty #fashiondesigner #psfashion #Etsy #BySBenson #naturalhair #Fashio...

20 Things to Remember When You Think You’re Not Good Enough

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marcandangel.com - Sometimes the hardest part of the journey is simply believing you’re worthy of the trip. Truth be told, you can’t berate yourself into a better version of yourself.  And even though I know this, I ...

Lauren Morrison • #selflove #selfimage #whodoyouseeinthemirror

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Lauren M. Morrison

lmorrison20.tumblr.com - About Life is an open door. Its up to you to decide if you are going to go through it or shut it. Don't live for others because they will only bring you down to a new level of loneliness. Being som...

Artists and Self-Esteem: 4 Tips To Overcome Insecurity

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Ellen Wilson

artistsnetwork.com - One of the hardest things I have to overcome in my art classes is not the talent level of my students, nor the techniques and application of artist materials … no, my biggest hurdle is the self-est...

Tome Tender

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Jolanda LovestoRead

tometender.blogspot.com - Sound of Sirens by Jen Minkman (Tales of Skylge #1) Sound of Sirens by Jen Minkman My rating: 5 stars Series: Tales of Skylge - Book 1 Publication Date: November 27, 2014 Publisher: Dutch Venture P...

10 Positive Habits That Could Change Your Life

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mary schembri

quora.com - Watch Live: President Obama Speaks on New Immigration Policy Michael Brown’s Family Calls for Calm as Ferguson Grand Jury Nears Decision More Ferguson Coverage Cosby Performances Canceled As Rape A...

Accusations to rest — Parenthood, Divorce, Custody and Living as a Servant to a Princess

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Adam Dunaway

adam-dunaway.squarespace.com - I'm told I have a blog because I am lonely and need a forum to bad mouth the lady.  First, I dont believe I've offered up slander of any kind. I could easily spill hate but this, I feel, would be b...

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