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Cisco Meraki and CMX « Cisco Meraki Blog - Cisco Meraki Presence renamed to CMX; continued investment in cloud-managed location analytics and engagement. Over the past year, the Meraki team has worked with other Cisco teams to increase the ...

It Should be a No-Brainer: Online Customers Want Better Experiences

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Avaya - Is it “Amazon or bust?” It certainly has been for a number of businesses. The online shopping trend has been cannibalizing the sales of brick-and-mortar stores for quite some time now, as the last ...

SIP Message Bodies: What do They Mean?

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Avaya - I was born and raised in Arizona, but for many years I’ve called Minnesota home. Yes, I understand that most people make the opposite move, but I truly love it here and no one is twisting my arm to...

Want Powerful Results? Personalize E-Commerce Support

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Avaya - Today’s online retail environments deliver a shopping experience the likes of which few could predict at the conception of the Web years ago. Streamlined, polished user interfaces, intuitive browsi...

[Infographic] Which Avaya Product Are You?

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Avaya - Most people need more than a GPS to navigate through IT product descriptions. They’re often labyrinths of jargon, abbreviations and, of course, dreaded acronyms (…and “BRB” isn’t usually one of the...


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Web Services for Knuckleheads

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Avaya - On a number of occasions, my blog articles have used terms such as web services, SOAP, REST, and RESTful. Without providing much explanation, I’ve stated that these are methodologies and tools that...

Dipping Your Toes into the SIP Stream

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Avaya - For instance, I like it when I come home after a long day at work to find that my wife made dinner reservations at my favorite Saint Paul restaurant – W. A. Frost. I also like it when I finish my t...

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