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'The ANC is in crisis'

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Dean Macpherson - Mmusi Maimane says the National Assembly is not in crisis but it is the ruling party that is in crisis. JOHANNESBURG – The leader of the Democratic Alliance (DA) in Parliament, Mmusi Maimane, has d...

Canada's Former Liberal Party Leader Offers Advice to Young Liberals

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Jody MacPherson - I was touched that you asked for my advice about going into politics. Anyone whose career in politics was nasty, brutish, and short—as mine was—is grateful that anyone thinks their opinion is worth...

#StrongFamilies: Public Servants Asked To Promote Tory Tax Cuts On Twitter

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Amy MacPherson - OTTAWA - Public servants were asked to use official government Twitter feeds to promote Prime Minister Stephen Harper's recently announced tax measures, using the slogan "Strong Families." A senior...

Vote together, move Canada forward

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Jody MacPherson - The results in 40-60 swing ridings will determine whether or not Prime Minister Harper wins again. Because of our broken “first-past-the-post” voting system, there are people in every election who ...