FATCA: El gran hermano fiscal made in USA (I) por Francisco Bonnati

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lawyerpress.com - En tercer lugar, FATCA aprovecha la preexistencia de los procesos de Prevención del Blanqueo de Capitales y Diligencia Debida (Know Your Customer-KYC) para establecer un sistema que exige ciertas m...

Certain FATCA deadlines are postponed

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WSB Lit Support Team

journalofaccountancy.com - After the issuance of Notice 2014-33, some commentators noted that, while the modifications to the temporary coordination regulations address the application of the revised reason-to-know standards...

FATCA - Archive

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treasury.gov - The current browser does not support Web pages that contain the IFRAME element. To use this Web Part, you must use a browser that supports this element, such as Internet Explorer 7.0 or later.

Editorial periodístico

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Francisco Bonatti

elhorizonte.mx - El 30 de noviembre próximo, los ciudadanos de Suiza acudirán a las urnas para votar en un referéndum en el que se les preguntará sobre tres iniciativas: si quieren que el Banco Nacional  Suizo (SNB...

The Isaac Brock Society | FATCA has no Maximum, only Minimums–FATCA comes to Sweden

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isaacbrocksociety.ca - Sweden begins to implement FATCA by sending out FATCA questionaires in a spray to Swedish citizens. Since FATCA only has minimum reporting requirements, each bank and each customer in any country i...

Micah Willbrand

Director of AML/Compliance at LexisNexis. Reviewing how businesses are adapting to ever changing customer relationships. Comments here are mine and mine alone!

Sarah Chapman - 'Am I still an American?'

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theaccidentalamerican.silvrback.com - It's a sunny day in Soho, London. I call my father. 'Hello Dad. I got this funny letter from Santander. It's about tax, or something. Uh, am I still an American? I was born in New Brunswick, New Je...

FATCA Tracker – October 01, 2014 - iExpats

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Stanley Epstein

iexpats.com - Nearly 105,000 financial institutions are listed on the US Internal Revenue Service (IRS) database of Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) organisations complying with the tax reporting rules...

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Obama on Dem Senate Candidates: 'These Are All Folks Who Vote With Me'

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nationalreview.com - President Obama handed another useful sound bite to Republicans for the last few weeks of the campaign season, boasting today that Democrats running in states where he’s unpopular are still fervent...

Levin: Dems Need A 'Swift Kick In The Ass In This Election'

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dailycaller.com - What does conservative radio host Mark Levin think Democrats need come Nov. 4? As he put it rather simply, “they need to get a good swift kick in the ass.” Appearing on “Hannity” Tuesday, the flame...

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