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Is This the Future of Adult Learning?

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Jim Schultz - How does the MIT Media Lab develop its adult learning tools? By envisioning them as scaffolding constructed to support learning, according to Juliana Nazare, Masters student at MIT and research ass...

Education Notebook: Botetourt County educator attends State of the Union - Roanoke Times: Education

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Realityworks, Inc. - A Botetourt County educator joined U.S. Sen. Tim Kaine, D-Va., at Wednesday’s State of the Union address. Lisa Barnett, Botetourt County Public Schools coordinator for career and technical educatio...

The University of Texas at Dallas :: John Maeda

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Red Oak Makerspace - John Maeda is a world-renowned artist, graphic designer, computer scientist and educator, whose career reflects his philosophy of humanizing technology. For more than a decade, he has worked to int...

Medical Terminology Lesson Plans That Will Blow Your Mind

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Bri Stauffer - Blow your mind? Am I just easily impressed? Perhaps. But I’m a sucker for tools and resources that make teaching and learning just that much easier for you and your students. You may already be usi...

Career and Technical Education Back From the Brink - NEA Today

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AppliedEduSys - Five years ago, Sandra Rhee was a freshman at Esperanza High School in Anaheim, Calif. As she walked through the school to turn in a paper, the AP student took a turn around the theater and passed ...

John Stephens

I am a Career and Technical Education Curriculum Specialist for Prince Edward Island. Engaging the hands to activate the mind.

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This paper is a summary of the conversations that appear in my Twitter feed. I hope you find some stories of interest here. Engage the Hands -- Activate the Mind!!

A Principal's Reflections: Leading Schools of the Future

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Eric Sheninger - Portions of this post are adapted from the Future Ready Schools website with permission. Advances in technology continue to impact society in amazing ways.  The evolution of the Internet allows any...

Stunning, psychedelic images where art and science collide

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TED Talks - In his TEDGlobal 2013 talk, Fabian Oefner shares breathtaking images at the nexus of art and science, which beautifully capture unique moments of physical and chemical drama. Formally trained in ar...

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ASCD EDge - Sacred Cows In Education

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Erin Klein - noun: someone or something that has been accepted or respected for a long time and that people are afraid or unwilling to criticize or question What are the “Sacred Cows” in your school? School imp...

5 Ways to Build Relationships with Students

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Eric Sheninger - As educators, one of the greatest impacts we have on children is not the amount of education knowledge we can impart on them. The greatest impact we have is how much we affect children on a persona...

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