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Kim Teague - The Columbus Dispatch published an article today about the growing trend of women entering nontraditional fields through career and technical education (CTE) programs. According to local education ...

#SBSTEM Pathways: Q&A with LeAnn Wilson, ACTE SmartBlogs

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NASDCTEc - Join us this week on SmartBlog on Education as we highlight Q&As with the panelists from our recent STEM Pathways Roundtable event. We kick off the series with LeAnn Wilson, executive director of t...

Business and Industry Partners Blog

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YPIE - ACTE members know that for CTE classrooms to best serve their students, they must build and maintain strong ties with local and national employers. The ACTE Business and Industry Partners Blog prov...

Another Voice: Workforce development plays key role in job market - Opinion - The Buffalo News

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Jim Schultz - A recent Buffalo News article highlighted the need for skilled workers in Buffalo’s growing economy. The article aptly stated that our educational institutions will play a critical role in preparin...

Expand vocational training, cut college enrollments to attack inequality

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Jim Schultz - The U.S. economy remains locked in mediocre growth and increasing inequality. To help break that cycle, federal and state governments should cut funding and student assistance at colleges and unive...

John Stephens

I am a Career and Technical Education Curriculum Specialist for Prince Edward Island. Engaging the hands to activate the mind.

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This paper is a summary of the conversations that appear in my Twitter feed. I hope you find some stories of interest here. Engage the Hands -- Activate the Mind!!