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'You birds are nuts!' Hungry prairie dog bravely fends off bullying starlings

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dailymail.co.uk - By Daily Mail Reporter Updated: 08:38 GMT, 20 October 2009 Nothing gets between a prairie dog and his lunch as this one shows when fending off a gang of starlings. The bird-brained bullies pounced ...


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stonewallscotland.org.uk - If you want to help build a Scotland where lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people are not only entitled to equal legal treatment but afforded it too, please become a Friend or Close friend o...

Bullying at work - the signs

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bullying.co.uk - These are just a few signs of bullying and there are many more and it is dependent on the organisation or the industry too. Unfortunately, bullying can take its toll on your health and wellbeing. I...

FSU Athletes Participate In Anti-Bullying Campaign

fightingfalcons.com - FSU Athletes Participate In Anti-Bullying Campaign FAIRMONT, W.Va. -- A group of student-athletes from the Fairmont State University athletic department participated in an anti-bullying campaign at...

6 Tips to Beat Loneliness for Good

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psychologytoday.com - When I migrated to a small city in central Mexico, 12 years ago, I was delighted by the laid back attitude and how daily life was governed by serendipity instead of appointments. Coming out of reti...

Bullying | Bullying | Explore

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childline.org.uk - Tell a friend Your mates can support you, even if you’re not ready to talk about it in detail. They can help take your mind off it and support you when you tell an adult you trust. Get support from...

Omaha Gives!

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omahagives24.org - Carmen Hippen, Millard Public Schools (Dec 2014) "Millard North's relationship with the ADL in Omaha continues to have a strong impact on our school climate. Two nationally trained facilitators spe...

Interview: The Adult Bully

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nobullying.com - Yes- in fact it is an even bigger issue.  The advent of social media has emboldened bullies, and given them more clout. Moreover, the permanent record of the internet makes the wounds more enduring...

For the Bold, Bullied & Beautiful

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d3eksha.com - I just came across this bold and beautiful presentation by Shane Koyczan on bullying. A nicely done presentation showing bullying and its impact on affected kids in this heart working TED talk. A m...

RED HOT 2015 Anti-Bullying Calendar RED HOT ~... - for-redheads

for-redheads.tumblr.com - RED HOT   Thomas Knights   red hair   ginger men   Reid Worthington   Jake Hold   Ken Bek   Jonny Burt   Seth Fornea   Wade Holter   Kane Silver   Brandon Connelly   Greg Rutherford  

Abusive People - The Icky Feeling of Interacting With People Who Batter by Dr. Jeanne King, Ph.D | Connected Woman Magazine

connectedwomanmag.com - January 22, 2015 By Guest Contributor Leave a Comment Abusive People – The Icky Feeling of Interacting With People Who Batter By Dr. Jeanne King, Ph.D. Most everyone has had an encounter with someo...

Z and S: Wrong Bullying Target, Sis!

ukoemem.com - What do you do when someone takes their sweet time and sends you a direct message that your photo is ugly and you should do yourself a favor and use Photoshop? Yes I got that message from a person ...

Teen headed to high school with strong anti-bullying message : Highland Community News

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nwitimes.com - Administration Center 9145 Kennedy Highland, IN 46322 219.924.7400 Hint: Enter a keyword that you are looking for like tires, pizza or doctors or browse the full business directory.

Please Help Us with Bullying & Our Bullies

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ellentube.com -      I have been a tenant at Perramond Estates for four years now; I keep to myself and don’t cause any trouble. Since I got my daughter back on January 16th 2013 residents at my complex have done ...

Courage to make the lifetime decision to lead the life against animal cruelty and bullying culture !!!

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joinvegan.com - I no longer believe animals are here for us for food, clothing, entertainment, testing or any other purpose. Visit www.joinvegan.com to connect with veggie friends express yourself worldwide!

Lilly Pulitzer's Office Decor Includes Fat-Shaming Cartoons

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racked.com - The Cut just posted a tour of the Lilly Pulitzer headquarters or "corporate cabana" that's getting a lot of people talking. It's not because of the freeze-dried palm trees as decor, but a shot of t...

Brittany Snow Speaks Out Against Internet Bullying

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cosmopolitan.com - Pitch Perfect 2 star Brittany Snow has an inspiring message for anyone who has been a victim of bullying, on the Internet or anywhere else: You are not alone. As part of her ongoing anti-bullying w...


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