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Strike by council staff following 18-month row over bullying and intimidation

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Gerry Braiden

heraldscotland.com - Around 100 workers at South Ayrshire Council have taken the action after claiming a manager who was the subject of dozens of complaints was allowed to remain in his post. The striking staff are all...

What to do if the bullies have taken your friends away - Family Lives

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John Borgstedt

bullying.co.uk - You can feel very lonely if the bullies have taken your friends away. Often friends are afraid they'll also be bullied if they go around with you. It's always very upsetting when friends turn again...

How Coaches Can Stop Bullying By Youth Sports Parents

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devzone.positivecoach.org - When we hear about bullying in sports, we tend to think about behavior from athletes. But what about parents who cross the line? This happens too frequently and can put the coach in a tough positio...

Transgender boy, 16, commits suicide after years of bullying

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Raymond Saint-Pierre

gaystarnews.com - A 16-year-old transgender boy from North Carolina has taken his life after enduring years of bullying. Ash Haffner stepped into oncoming traffic near his home in Indian Trail on Thursday (26 Februa...

'Terrorist, terrorist': Sikh boy shares video of classmates bullying him

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Saurabh Kushwaha

thenewsminute.com - A video shot by a young Sikh boy inside a school bus in Atlanta, USA, shows his classmates calling him 'terrorist'. The video, which seems to have gone viral, begins with the boy saying that the ki...


Award-winning charity providing help, support & information to individuals, schools, youth & community settings affected by bullying.


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ah2andbeyond.com - NOW, GUESS WHAT?!  For you out there thinking this is just a “youth thing”…..ummm think again. While there’s been plenty of attention paid to “Bullying” on the playground (with just cause), more at...

Bullying Coward | I, Anonymous

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PDX News Now

portlandmercury.com - You yelled at me from the passenger window of your friends white car as I rode my bike down Cully. I know you were hoping to frighten me and see me wreck, but I'm usually pretty aware of my surroun...

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