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OKWONGA.COM » GitHub: sexism, bullying, harassment, and a curiously clean sweep.

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okwonga.com - [NOTE: This article was prompted by the tweets of the developer Julie Ann Horvath (@nrrdcore) and Shanley Kane (@Shanley), the technology writer.] Last night I read about the departure from GitHub,...

End Bullying Now - PetitionBuzz

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petitionbuzz.com - Bullying needs to stop, it's extremely fatal to everyone and can cause depression and suicide. Please I'm asking you all to please sign and support my motion to stop bullying for good 

Quitting Because of Bullying? Maybe We Should Just Quit Bullying

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fantasyblog.ciaraballintyne.com - A child with a good sense of humor and who knows how to talk his way out of a difficult situation will often manage well. As what they say Actions speak louder than words Never allow yourself to be...

Teacher stress, bullying in schools and academies | Teacher Network

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theguardian.com - More than half of adults (53%) think teachers are under more pressure than other professionals. The Teacher Support Network (TSN), a charity that helps teachers dealing with emotional strain, surve...

Kindnezz uv ztrangerz eazez bullyn' stigma fo'young leukemia fighta

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oldhydepark.org - KANSAS CITY, Mo. — A Kansaz Citee second grada wuz diagnose' wiff leukemia an' starte' ta lose dude hair. Den dude starte' ta dread gonna ta school afta kidz made fun uv dude appearance, until two ...


Award-winning charity providing help, support & information to individuals, schools, youth & community settings affected by bullying.

No Room for Bullying | The Purposeful Culture Group

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drivingresultsthroughculture.com - Does bullying happen in your work environment? New research by the Workplace Bullying Institute reveals that it is likely. 72% of Americans are aware that workplace bullying happens. Of those, 27% ...

Discussion & Dialogue Sponsored By Professionals Against Bullying

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crainsdetroit.com - Most Read Most Commented The waiting game: As candidates for Wayne County executive line up, who will get business backing? KEITH CRAIN: Detroit needs independent finance exec Chaldean Town housing...

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