Bullies Out Express

Babymetal at Reading Festival: fans and the band on being different, bullying and criticism

Shared by Jay Bird

bbc.co.uk - Ask fans why they like Babymetal and you'll get similar responses: "They're different," "they're unique," "they've never been seen before." They certainly are distinctive. These 16 and 17-year-olds...

INC protest is 'bullying', lawyers say

Shared by AJ

abs-cbnnews.com - MANILA - Lawyers of former Iglesia Ni Cristo minister Isaias Samson Jr. on Thursday called INC's response to the illegal detention case they filed at the Department of Justice "irrational" and "non...

#TChat Recap: How To Recognize And Stop Workplace Bullying And Harassment

Shared by World HR Net

talentculture.com - This week we talked about how to recognize and stop workplace bullying and harassment. You may have read the Amazon news recently about their toxic workplace culture. While not new news, the unfort...

After years of bullying, woman with skin condition gets GENIUS tattoo to stop the stares for good

Shared by Cat Spedding

womansday.com - A vitiligo sufferer has come up with the PERFECT response to people's stares http://t.co/SQx6exVYvW pic.twitter.com/AcVZfxHJ52 Tiffany Posteraro, 24, struggled with a rare skin condition for her en...

This 15-Year-Old's App Could Help End Online Bullying For Good

Shared by Jen

mtv.com - Trisha Prabhu knew there had to be a simple way to get kids to stop bullying each other online. But what was it? “All the solutions out there seemed ineffective and they asked the victim to take ac...

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