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Monica Lewinsky Fights Cyberbullying With New Emojis

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vanityfair.com - Let’s pretend for a moment that we know each other; we’re friends. You know, the kind of friends who text each other. And let’s also pretend that you’ve just gone online and realized that I’m in th...

Pensions minister told grow thicker skin over online 'bullying'

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mirror.co.uk - Destroying someone’s good name is a trick often used to get ahead in politics. If you can undermine your opponent’s reputation and standing, there’s a good chance you can swing the tide of public o...

The 5 nurse bully types every hospital is hiding

scrubsmag.com - Sometimes, the hospital feels like a giant playground filled with lots of expensive equipment. That’s because earning a set of scrubs doesn’t necessarily eliminate one’s bad habits—and bullying is ...

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antibullyingpro.com - Bullying is a serious problem that can lead to a loss in confidence, depression and at its worst even suicide. If you are being bullied or know someone who is, the most important thing to remember ...

Over the age of 12? Bullying can land you behind bars

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cbc.ca - Some students in Newfoundland and Labrador are getting schooled on the criminal consequences of bullying, thanks to a non-profit legal group. "To put it simply, anyone over the age of 12 could be c...


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