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Elle Burton and the Reflective Portals

Shared by Olga Guseva

audible.com - Elle Burton is an ordinary kid... or so she thinks. She loves to wear pretty clothes, play with her friends, and finish her homework. On her 10th birthday she encounters Eunie Mae, a tiny, fairylik...

Kids pulled from school over anti-bullying exercise

Shared by Clare Kozar

unionleader.com - It finally feels like spring. Mother Nature must have found her calendar. So this weekend, as we come out of winter hibernation, there are plenty of reasons to get outside and enjoy one of the Top ...

Inclusion For All

m.facebook.com - Award winning one day anti-LGBT bullying training day for schools and other educational professionals, June 17 at Alfred Salter Primary School in London (SE16 7LP) Hosted by 'Pride Hero' and 'Unsun...

A bullying, interfering waster: how politics gave the state a bad name

Shared by Martin Shovel

theguardian.com - Have you ever thought one of your possessions had it in for you? A temperamental car perhaps, that refused to start on a day you had an important appointment. Has life ever smacked you in the face?...

Nibble Minded Doesn't Make You Superior

loopholelogic.com - 0 Comments to Nibble Minded Doesn't Make You Superior: Comments RSS Add a Comment Your Name: Email Address: (Required) Please enter an email address Website: Comment: Make your text bigger, bold, i...

Interview: The Adult Bully

Shared by Gill Reynolds

nobullying.com - Yes- in fact it is an even bigger issue.  The advent of social media has emboldened bullies, and given them more clout.  Moreover, the permanent record of the internet makes the wounds more endurin...

Politicians love dressing up in hi-vis vests, but they ignore what’s really happening to modern workers

Shared by David Morey

theguardian.com - In this election it has become obligatory for politicians to appear on TV, at a workplace, in a hi-vis jacket. Because work is the new obsession. “Hard-working families” are a key meme in all the c...

Roommate bullying issue needs attention

centralfloridafuture.com - Eleanor Roosevelt once said, "No one can make you feel inferior without your consent." This is a quote I hold near and dear to my heart, especially on the issue of bullying. I wanted to share with ...

Kids getting lessons in mindfulness in school - Today's Parent

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todaysparent.com - Pregnancy Baby Toddler Kids Family Recipes Videos Blogs Subscribe Today’s Parent Approved Baby Showers Home Sections Pregnancy Baby Toddler Kids Family Recipes Videos Blogs Today’s Parent Approved ...

James Mcvey's #Back2School Blog

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antibullyingpro.com - I went to an average mixed sex comprehensive school in dorset. It was nothing special, but some of the teachers were great. I took triple english at school and I always remember loving the debates ...

How to write a persuasive essay on cyber bullying and more example of good personal statement for graduate school

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attica-katathetika.gr - He told him differentiated according to the people of "razor, the company will lead the case of slaves company such as Campania and Lucania freedmen (ex-slaves) were condemned to fight comes, then ...


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Bullies Move From The Playground To Cyberspace

longislandweekly.com - Members of a Wisconsin middle school basketball team are being lauded as heroes and rightfully so. When the boys noticed some bullies making fun of one of their cheerleaders—a 14-year-old girl name...


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Bullying a target's perspective

Shared by pauline

workunderpressurenm.wordpress.com - I am writing this blog to give my personal perceptive of bullying.  I am not a psychiatrist, psychologist or counsellor.  I am a target that has had my life turned upside down by bullying.  The imp...

Court Orders U.S. Mint to Return Famed Coins to Family

Shared by Pat O'Donnell

wsj.com - Court Orders U.S. Mint to Return Famed Coins to Family Government confiscated Double Eagle gold coins from Langbord family in 2004

TV ONE Execs: Stop endorsing bullying for ratings


change.org - The producers of the hit show, "R&B Divas: LA", have allowed the following cast members (of the aforementioned show) to verbally (or physically) harass Chante Moore:  Leela James, Stacy Francis, an...

‘STAMP Out Bullying’ – Vigo County takes a stand against bullying

wthitv.com - TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (WTHI) – Vigo County is taking a stand against bullying. On Wednesday morning the Vigo County School Corporation introduced a “STAMP Out Bullying” program at Davis Park Elementary...

What is sexual bullying? << Posted from @RDT_Funny

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rss2twi.com - What is sexual bullying? http://b.thumbs.redditmedia.com/uUKfRb9FTOSkmlUisTqPjRmvYCcc6telwsnnXIvLIRA.jpg iCooker® - Coffee Mug - Self Stirring, Electric Stainless Steel Automatic Self Mixing Cup - ...


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