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Clinton's claim about the 'Trump Effect' and bullying

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politifact.com - Americans should be concerned about the effect of Donald Trump’s campaign on kids, said Hillary Clinton in an Aug. 25 speech decrying what she sees as her opponent’s campaign of "prejudice and para...

Political Notebook: Trump point man's bullying goes back to Biosphere

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tucson.com - The name Steve Bannon may not mean much to most people in Southern Arizona, but to those involved in Biosphere 2, it brings back memories of a troubled time. Bannon, as you may know, is the new hea...

Why bullying is such a successful evolutionary strategy

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bbc.com - Frodo ruled with an iron fist. He incited fear among his fellow group members. His "demonic streak", as it was later called, started early. From three years old he was throwing rocks at those aroun...

NZ leads world in bullying

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stuff.co.nz - Attitudes towards workplace bullying are what they were towards domestic violence 30 years ago, says Culture Safe New Zealand director Allan Halse. "When Women's Refuge started talking about the ne...

Elisse recalls ‘growing up’ in the hospital, getting bullied

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starcinema.abs-cbn.com - By Rowena Joy Sanchez When she was inside the "Pinoy Big Brother" house, some people misunderstood Elisse Joson's timid demeanor as "pabebe." Yet the fact is, Elisse, an only child, grew up shelter...


Award-winning charity providing help, support & information to individuals, schools, youth & community settings affected by bullying.

Closer Look: Fighting Bullying; Back To School; And More

news.wabe.org - Menu Home News Local Features Politics Education Arts & Culture Music Business Health & Science Radio Full Radio Schedule Morning Edition City Lights with Lois Reitzes Closer Look with Rose Scott a...

This 19-Year-Old Aims to Stop Bullying With an Anonymous Smartphone App

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entrepreneur.com - Brandon Boynton contemplated ending his life when he was 14. He’d been physically and mentally tormented by bullies throughout the eighth grade, in person and online, and he worried he couldn’t tak...

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