The World Is What It Is Today Because of These Six Innovations- page 1 | Innovation

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Tony Robbins - Glass. Refrigeration. Recorded sound. Water purification. Clocks. Artificial light. Modern life is made possible thanks to these monumental inventions and the many technologies they have spawned. A...

Monopoly Was Designed to Teach the 99% About Income Inequality | Arts & Culture

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Tony Robbins - In the 1930s, at the height of the Great Depression, a down-on-his-luck family man named Charles Darrow invented a game to entertain his friends and loved ones, using an oilcloth as a playing surfa...

Neuroscience For Coaches Resources (Jen Waller CoachingConfidence)

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Coaching Confidence - Coaches, you work with people’s brains and minds on a daily basis. Your expertise in this area is directly linked to the success you help your clients achieve. Many of the tools and techniques that...

Coaching ConfidenceCoaching Confidence-2014 Blog review – April

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Coaching Confidence - Over the remainder of this year I’ll be recapping what’s been happening here on Coaching Confidence, the coaching blog during 2014. In previous days we started by looking at the posts that happened...

Care to Share? What Was YOUR Most Popular Post of 2014? : @ProBlogger

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Darren Rowse - So last week we went right through the top five posts on ProBlogger 2014 in each of the categories of monetization, creating content, social media, writing, and general tips. Some of them were surp...

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Who The Internet Says Are The World's Most Influential Thinkers Of 2014

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Deepak Chopra - If you were to do a systematic analysis of the English-speaking infosphere –- the blogosphere, the Twittersphere and Wikipedia pages -- to determine which 100 thinkers have the most influence in th...

The Future of God: A Practical Approach to Spirituality for Our Times by Deepak Chopra | 9780307884978 | Hardcover

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Deepak Chopra - "The most transformative discoveries begin with delusion, are challenged by insight, driven by faith, pursued with science, and culminate in truth. Deepak Chopra beautifully makes the case that the...

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Obtain Your Copy of The Secret Collaborative Economy

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Real Marsha Wright - “Our organization is thrilled to endorse Marsha Wright’s new book The Secret Collaborative Economy” Richard Kaye, CEO SPACE “Ignore Marsha Wright at your peril”! Barry Maher, Renowned Consultant to...

The GLOBAL Accelerate YOUR Business Contest

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Real Marsha Wright
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Innovative Enterprise

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Real Marsha Wright - LAUNCH is our new progress-focussed workshop which will motivate your students to succeed. It's aimed squarely at those students starting in the 'exam-zones' so Years 10 and 11 for GCSE and Years 1...

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