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BBC News - S Korea ferry carrying 350 'sinking'

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BBC News (World) - A ferry with about 350 people on board is sinking off the south-west coast of South Korea, coast guard officials have said. Yonhap news agency said most of the passengers were secondary school stud...

Showrunner Week: Bill Lawrence & Liz Meriwether, Brett Baer and Dave Finkel - Larry King Now - Ora.Tv

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Larry King - Showrunner week continues! Scrubs & Cougar Town creator Bill Lawrence dissects his recipe for sitcom success and gives Larry a preview of his next project. Plus, the threesome behind New Girl on wo...

Kris Jenner Hires Round-the-Clock Security -- After Stalker Makes Stink

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TMZ - Kris Jenner's taking no chances after Kim Kardashian came face-to-face with a stinky stalker outside the Jenner home last month -- Kris has now hired 24/7 security. Kardashian sources tell TMZ, gua...

Report: Prized Astros prospect George Springer to be called up to big leagues

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Sports Illustrated - The Astros are coming off three straight 100-loss seasons and have started this year 5-9. But a ray of hope will be arriving soon in the form of prized prospect George Springer. The 24-year-old fro...

Picking Sides: How Genes Help Us Decide Between Left and Right - The Crux

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Discover Magazine - Some people call left-handers southpaws. Others call them mollydookers or corky dobbers. Scientists still often call lefties sinister, which in Latin originally just meant “left” but later came to ...

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3,000 People Stand Boston Strong at Finish Line on Sports Illustrated Cover

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Mashable - Sports Illustrated has commemorated the one-year anniversary of the Boston Marathon bombing with a portrait of approximately 3,000 people, including runners, first responders and Boston Mayor Marty...

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