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Breaking the chains of child abuse by Ark of Hope for Children

Internet Watch: Technology and the Fight Against Child Abuse

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Ark ofHope - One of the biggest threats to children around the world is child pornography and sexual abuse. It’s something that governments, law enforcement agencies and other concerned sectors have been aiming...

Child Abuse Statistics & Info

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Ark ofHope - Child abuse does not discriminate based on gender, social standing, ethnicity, or religion. The child abuse statistics gathered on Ark of Hope for Children's site bring a sobering reality to the pl...

Harbourage Child Trafficking Safe Homes - Programs - Ark of Hope for Children

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Ark ofHope - Ark of Hope for Children proudly presents Harbourage, our Transitional Living Center as well as our Safe Shelter Community, both designed around the needs of rescued child sex trafficking victims. ...

Admin Tools -

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Ark ofHope - Take a look at our Joomla! and PHP version compatibility chart. Perform maintenance tasks. Protection against hackers. Optimise your site. All in one, neat bundle. Optimise your database tables. Cl...


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Ark ofHope - Ark of Hope for Children brings awareness of and emotional care for victims of child abuse, child sex trafficking and bullying (peer abuse). We built our live text chat survivor ...

AbusedKids -Blair Corbett

Published by Ark of Hope for Children = Breaking the chains of abuse for abused, trafficked & bullied children. Also founder of live chat victim support site "Listeners Reviving Hearts with Hope" "No Survivor Stands Alone!"

Editor's note

Stop Child Abuse Today!  exists   to bring awareness of child abuse so we all stand together for survivors. Ark of Hope for Children and our are dedicated to breaking the chains that bind for child abuse victims young and old. This paper is loaded with articles from authors around the Internet!


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CHOP PolicyLab - Webinar organizers are prohibited from soliciting confidential personal information (credit card information, social security numbers, etc.) in the registration form. This questionnaire is not inte...

Joanne Wood

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CHOP PolicyLab - Joanne N. Wood is a faculty member at PolicyLab at The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP), an Assistant Professor of Pediatrics at the University of Pennsylvania Perelman School of Medicine...

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