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Breaking the chains of child abuse by Ark of Hope for Children

ME NewsWire | Middle East News Wire - MoI Conducts Training for 444 Schools on Child Protection against Abuse and Neglect

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Lebanon Voice - ABU DHABI, United Arab Emirates - Wednesday, December 17th 2014 [ME NewsWire] The Ministry of Interior’s Child Protection Center organized a training campaign that included all government and priva...

Jimmy Savile's private letters to Margaret Thatcher: Files edited 2 months ago

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Barbara Sage - A letter thought to mark the beginning of the warm relationship between Margaret Thatcher and Jimmy Savile has been made public for the first time. But other correspondence between the pair has bee...

Chris Marshall: Sex abuse survivors deserve facts - The Scotsman

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TRISHAControl - IF, AS expected, the Scottish Government announces an inquiry into historical sex abuse today, it will mark the culmination of a decades-long fight for justice for survivors. But while it is an und...

Maharashtra: School vandalized after kid sexually abused by staffer

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We4change - Maharashtra: School vandalized after kid sexually abused by staffer Description: The Bhandup police on Wednesday arrested a 32-year-old non-teaching employee of a private school who allegedly sexua...

GeenStijl: Rechter: "Joris Demmink is een pedo"

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#OpNLWakeUp - De rechter heeft in de zaak Demmink vs AD het AD in het gelijk gesteld. U weet wel, dat is die zaak die Demmink op kosten van de Staat heeft aangespannen, omdat het AD hem er van beschuldigde conta...

AbusedKids -Blair Corbett

Published by Ark of Hope for Children = Breaking the chains of abuse for abused, trafficked & bullied children. Also founder of live chat victim support site "Listeners Reviving Hearts with Hope" "No Survivor Stands Alone!"

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Stop Child Abuse Today!  exists   to bring awareness of child abuse so we all stand together for survivors. Ark of Hope for Children and our are dedicated to breaking the chains that bind for child abuse victims young and old. This paper is loaded with articles from authors around the Internet!