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unforegiven..Stew - I Support @Childhelp (USA & Canada) w/ @helpspreadthis! ~ #StopChildAbuse. Raise Awareness & post Your tweet here. — Lynn (@LifeIsSweetBaby) August 15, 2014 I Support @NSPCC ...

BBC News - Fiona Woolf: Abuse victims call for inquiry head to quit

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Dino Nocivelli - Victims' groups are expected to tell child abuse inquiry officials Fiona Woolf should step down as its head. One victims' representative told the BBC he had "zero confidence" in the inquiry, which ...

No Way Out | Human Rights Watch

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Bianca Jagger - This 75-page report documents how child marriage severely curtails girls’ access to education, and exposes them to exploitation and violence – including marital rape and female genital mutilation (...

Why hurt kids? | Stop Abuse Campaign

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Stop Abuse Campaign - Why Do We Hurt Our Children? By Dr. James Kimmel, 1928-2001 “Almost everyone in Western societies agrees that it is morally wrong for people to settle arguments or impose their will on each other w...

The Wounded Warrior: Stop It Now! @StopItNowWales #ChildAbuse Prevention

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Jân L Frayne - What we believe Stop it Now! believes and acts on the principle that all adults are responsible for protecting the most vulnerable in society. Children can be protected from sexual abuse if adults ...

AbusedKids -Blair Corbett

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Stop Child Abuse Today!  exists   to bring awareness of child abuse so we all stand together for survivors. Ark of Hope for Children and our are dedicated to breaking the chains that bind for child abuse victims young and old. This paper is loaded with articles from authors around the Internet!