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White Lion Euthanized At Cincinnati Zoo

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HuffPost Green - CINCINNATI (AP) — An aging white lion given to the Cincinnati Zoo by performers Seigfried & Roy had to be euthanized because of age-related health issues. The zoo says Future — one of two male Afri...

10 Ways to Go Green with Your Roof - Ways2GoGreen Blog

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Ways2GoGreen Blog - In today’s world, everyone is doing their part to go green. If you’re thinking about putting on a new roof or refurbishing the old one by incorporating green ideas into the fold, we have some tips ...

YMBA Bogo Today - Learning Workbooks            Y.M.B.A.

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Social In Atlanta - Learning Workbooks For Future Leaders                                                                                                                                                  Call: 877-567-...

Pet Legacies | RSPCA Australia

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Animal Advocate - Have you planned for who will care for your beloved pets when you are no longer there to care for them? The RSPCA recognises that many people are concerned about their pets’ welfare if they are no ...

Animal Cruelty | RSPCA Australia

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Animal Advocate - While Australia is overwhelmingly a nation of animal lovers, unfortunately there are still some in our community who treat animals cruelly. The RSPCA is committed to helping those animals in need t...

Phys.Org Mobile: PacifiCorp Energy pleads guilty in bird deaths (Update)

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John Pemberton - The subsidiary of Portland, Oregon-based PacifiCorp pleaded guilty in federal court in Wyoming to two counts of violating the federal Migratory Bird Treaty Act under a plea deal with prosecutors. T...

Animal cruelty cases double in Devon and Cornwall

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alessbix - THE number of animal cruelty cases police are dealing with each year in Devon and Cornwall, including animals being starved, blow torched and even beheaded, has more than doubled in the past five y...

Will These Christmas Conservation Wishes Come True?

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The Organic View - It’s Christmastime again! You don’t need to be Santa to make these wishes come true. Vote with your dollars. Stop patronizing companies that support these destructive, cruel and heinous activities....

Petition · Pedimos: INVESTIGACION y CIERRE del ZOO LUJAN #CierreZooLujan ·

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Ingrid S - El Zoo de Lujan (Bs. As. Argentina) es un zoológico PRIVADO donde interactúan los visitantes con los animales, a pesar de estar prohibido por ley. Cientos de denuncias fueron hechas y NUNCA SE CUMP...

Judge rules against anti-whaling activists in campaign to stop Japan hunt | Environment

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John Pemberton - Radical environmentalists who threw acid and smoke bombs at Japanese whalers were found in contempt of court for continuing their relentless campaign to disrupt the annual whale hunt off the waters...

Petition: Iceland - Don't Kill Even More Whales

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Ingrid S - In what looks more like a case of misplaced patriotism than anything else, Iceland has stubbornly refused to stop whaling for decades, despite international condemnation.  Little economic and even ...

Red Deer Stag by Alec Walker / 500px

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Norma Laming - Forged using code sourced from deep within the mountain.

Is Alaska About to Open Its Wildlife Refuges to Development?

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woodenhenry - Only 1 percent of Alaska’s 586,412 square miles is dedicated to wildlife refuges. Now environmentalists fear that Gov. Sean Parnell intends to soften regulations on human activity in even that tiny...

Yale Environment 360: Obama Protects Alaska's Bristol Bay From Oil and Gas Development

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Ines Hoffmann - e360 digest 17 Dec 2014: Obama Protects Alaska's Bristol Bay From Oil and Gas Development President Obama yesterday announced protections for Bristol Bay, Alaska, one of the most productive fishing...

10 years following tsunami, Aceh aims to create its own, new, and totally preventable disaster

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Ines Hoffmann - 10 years following tsunami, Aceh aims to create its own, new, and totally preventable disaster Commentary by Erik Meijaard, the Borneo Futures initiative December 11, 2014 Tweet print Tweet print p...

Warming world's rising seas wash away some of South Florida's glitz

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Norma Laming - Miami's main beach, which is low-lying and flood prone. Photo: Joe Raedle It's just past sunset and the strip at South Beach, Miami, is pumping. It is the biggest weekend of the year in America's g...

Ambulance target times for some patients 'could double' - ITV News

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Norma Laming - National Border Tyne Tees Calendar Granada Central Anglia London Meridian Wales West Country (E) West Country (W) Channel

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